How many Syrian refugees in Egypt 2021?

How many Syrian refugees in Egypt 2021?

133,568 Syrians
As of 30 June 2021, the refugee population registered with UNHCR comprised 133,568 Syrians, 50,665 Sudanese, 20,240 South Sudanese, 20,174 Eritreans, 15,671 Ethiopians, 9,404 Yemenis, 6,805 Iraqis. 6,771 Somalis and more than 50 other nationalities.

Which country has the largest Syrian refugee population?

In 2020, Turkey was the country that hosted the highest amount of Syrian refugees….Ranking of the largest Syrian refugee-hosting countries in 2020.

Characteristic Number of admitted Syrian refugees
Turkey 3,685,839
Lebanon 851,718
Jordan 668,332

How many refugees does Egypt host?

273,152 refugees
Egypt hosts 273,152 refugees and asylum-seekers from 65 countries of origin. Most refugees and asylum-seekers are located in urban areas of Greater Cairo and on the North Coast. UNHCR Egypt is the largest refugee status determination (RSD) operation globally.

Where do most immigrants to Egypt come from?

In 2020, Egypt hosted approximately 544 thousand international migrants. The vast majority were from the State of Palestine, and Syria, amounting to roughly 136 thousand and 126 thousand, respectively. Together, the two countries constituted over 48 percent of the total international migrants living in Egypt.

Who immigrates to Egypt?

According to the official estimates of the CAPMAS, the total number of Egyptian temporary migrant laborers is about 1.9 million. Most of the demand for Egyptian labor comes from Saudi Arabia, Libya, Jordan, and Kuwait. Migrants to these countries comprise 87.6 percent of the total number of Egyptian migrant labourers.

Did Saudi Arabia take Syrian refugees?

However, the BBC reports that Saudi Arabia has let in 500,000 Syrian refugees since 2011, while Arab News reported that Saudi Arabia was already home to 500,000 Syrians Saudi Arabia claims to have granted 100,000 Syrians residency.

What has Egypt done for Syrian refugees?

With generous funding from donors throughout 2019, 3RP partners have been able to address some of the most pressing needs of over 140,000 Syrian refugees in Egypt in sectors of Health, Protection, Education, Basic Needs, Livelihoods and Food Security.

Who does Egypt support in Syria?

Under Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, Egypt supported the Syrian opposition and called on Assad to step down, largely due to the rule of Muslim Brotherhood supporters in Egypt.

How many African refugees are in Egypt?

Their official status as refugees is highly disputed, and they have been subject to racial discrimination and police violence. They live among a much larger population of Sudanese migrants in Egypt, more than 55000 people of Sudanese nationality (by most estimates; between 55000 to 77000 who live in Egypt.

Where do most immigrants in Egypt come from?

How many Sudanese live in Egypt?

They live among a much larger population of Sudanese migrants in Egypt, more than 55000 people of Sudanese nationality (by most estimates; between 55000 to 77000 who live in Egypt.

How many Syrians live in Greece?

For instance, since the March 2016 agreement restricting border crossings, some 16,000 refugees—the majority from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan—remain stuck on the Greek islands of Lesbos, Chios, Kos, Samos and Leros.

How many Syrian refugees did Turkey take?

Turkey hosts more than four million refugees, including more than three million Syrians, whose presence has increasingly come under public scrutiny with figures across the political spectrum blaming them for the country’s economic crisis.