How many watts is an Ampeg b15?

How many watts is an Ampeg b15?

Your B-15N has either a 25-watt (B-15NC) or 30-watt output (B-15NF), one 15″ speaker, a six-tube chassis with two 6L6 power tubes, and two channels with three inputs and Volume, Treble, and Bass controls for each channel.

Where are Ampeg amps manufactured?

The Ampeg GVT series, introduced around 2010, is a series of tube amplifiers built in South Korea, employing the Baxandall tone circuit.

How do you date an Ampeg b15?

This means that it is fairly easy to determine the range of year by just looking at the outside of the amp. Like all U.S.A. made amps, the speakers, transformers, and potentiometers have date codes on them. This along with the serial number on the amp can help narrow down the year of manufacture.

What bass players use Ampeg?

Bonnie Raitt. Even if you haven’t heard the name, you most certainly have heard his bass contributions with artists like the Neville Brothers, Elton John, Jackson Browne, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Garth Brooks, Bruce Hornsby, Lyle Lovett, and Jerry Lee Lewis.

Is Ampeg a good brand?

Drawing from decades of expert designs, Ampeg continues to put out top-of-the-line bass amplifiers for pros and amateurs alike. Ampeg has plenty of superb amps to choose from, suited to the largest stages all the way to the smallest practice rooms.

What year is my Ampeg?

Like all U.S.A. made amps, the speakers, transformers, and potentiometers have date codes on them. This along with the serial number on the amp can help narrow down the year of manufacture. There are six distinctive periods in the Ampeg line. Each period has a different way of identifying the year made.

What bands use Ampeg?

FEATURED ARTIST Donald “Duck” Dunn

  • Abbi Roth.
  • Abby Travis.
  • Aden Bubeck.
  • Al Cisneros.
  • Andrew Cichon.
  • Armand Sabal-Lecco.
  • Bernardo Gosaric.
  • Bob Glaub.

What happened to SWR amps?

SWR is now a brand in Fender’s portfolio rather than an independent company. Its products were manufactured at Fender’s facilities in Corona, California and Ensenada, Baja California. Fender is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. FMIC ceased all SWR production in early 2013.

What does Ampeg SVT stand for?

Super Valve Technology
SVT originally stood for Super Vacuum Tube, but Ampeg has since revised the meaning of the acronym to Super Valve Technology, with the word “valve” referring to the vacuum tubes (called “valves” in Britain and some other regions) used in the amp.

Did Yamaha buy Ampeg?

Ampeg changed corporate hands various times throughout the decades, and in 2018 the company became part of the Yamaha Guitar Group family. Yet the thread running through from 1946 to today remains intact. Ampeg’s history is one of building top-quality, innovative amps for serious bassists.

What does SVT stand for Ampeg?

How do I date my Ampeg cab?

When did SWR go out of business?

FMIC ceased all SWR production in early 2013.

What year did Fender buy SWR?

In 1997 Steve Rabe sold the company to Daryl Jamison, bringing an end to an era. In the early 2000s, Jamison would sell the brand to Fender, which ended SWR production in 2013.

How many tubes does an Ampeg SVT have?

six 6550 output tubes
Authentic from its input jack all the way to its six 6550 output tubes, the SVT-VR is a must-have for rockers seeking that in-your-face Ampeg bass tone.

Does Ampeg still make guitar amps?

We’re here for your gear needs.

What tubes are in an Ampeg SVT Classic?

TheAMPEG Heritage SVT-CL Tube Set consists of 2 x 12AU7 preamp tube, 3 x 12AX7 preamp tubes and 6 x 6550 Power tubes.

When did Ampeg stop making the b-15n?

The B-15N survived until around 1980, when Ampeg decided to concentrate its efforts on the highly popular SVT and V-4B until the B-15 was resurrected as the B-15N in 1986, the B-15T (a solid-state, 100W variant) in 1988, and the B-15R (all-tube, 100W variant) in 1997.

What kind of speakers did Ampeg use in the B-15?

Occasionally, Ampeg would use Altec speakers in these two units, but for the most part, these speakers were CTS. The last group of changes that Ampeg made to the tube-powered B-15 were made in 1968. From the jump, you can plainly see that the B15-NF’s aesthetic is different.

What is a B-15 bass?

Geared toward acoustic bassists, this initial model featured extra porting options for use with upright basses. These B-15s are most easily recognized by the random flair navy tolex, the distinctive power knob, their shared tone control circuit, and the lack of a lucite light up logo.

Which famous musicians have used B-15s?

Rick Danko used a B-15 with The Band and even used a B-15S on The Last Waltz. Motown fixture and demigod James Jamerson used a B-15 for all of his live performances as well as the majority of his non-Motown sessions in Los Angeles. As Eddie Kramer recounts, John Paul Jones would wheel his B-15 into their Led Zeppelin recording sessions.