How many watts is the Kanger EVOD?

How many watts is the Kanger EVOD?

The battery delivers 3.7 volts on the new Kanger VOCC-T coil of 1.5 Ω, which gives a power of 9.12 W, and it is no miracle. To reach a satisfactory volume, one has to puff slowly and several times.

Are Evods good?

The SteamCloud EVOD is a solid build, long lasting battery Overall, the SteamCloud EVOD does not fail to deliver on hitting THC cartridges. It does everything most anyone would want a battery to do. It also has a good range of settings to customize your hit how you want it.

Who makes eVOD?

Kanger is one of the electronic cigarette industry leaders, manufacturing only high-quality products. This new variable voltage battery is a fantastic addition to Kangertech’s popular eVod line of electronic cigarette and vape pen products….Kanger eVod VV (Variable Voltage eVod “Twist” Battery)

BATTERY CAPACITY: 650 mAh, 1,000 mAh

How many volts is a KangerTech eVod?

3.7 volts
The Kanger eVod Battery 1000mAh provides a constant power output of 3.7 volts.

How long does a EVOD battery last?

Maintenance and cleaning will extend the life of your EVOD battery and tank by a great deal. As long as you stick to these tips & tricks and keep up with maintenance and cleaning, your battery should last you roughly 300 charge cycles and your tank should last you about 6-12 months.

How long does a eVod battery last?

What color is hottest on a vape pen?

The v1 has three heat settings denoted by different colors– green is low, blue is medium and red is high. To adjust the heat level, press the button three times, and the color will change along with the setting. For the best flavor and oil longevity, we recommend using your v1 on low heat.

What are the different versions of the kangertech top evod starter kit?

The KangerTech Top EVOD Starter kit comes in red, white, black or silver with matching tank, a black mouthpiece, and various contrast features. On the black version of the Top EVOD the o-rings and button are red whereas the other versions the o-rings and button are black.

What is the voltage output of the Kanger vape?

With the 650mAh battery and a voltage output of 4.2v (when fully charged) this is sure to give you a great vape and is more than enough to keep you going for the day. Kanger uses a light indicator to tell you that the battery is low and you recharge using the USB cable provided.

What is the difference between the different versions of the evod?

On the black version of the Top EVOD the o-rings and button are red whereas the other versions the o-rings and button are black. You get the EVOD battery, Top Tank (1.7mL capacity), a 1.5ohm VOCC-T coil preinstalled, the charger and an instruction booklet.