How much did LeBron James average in the 2011 Finals?

How much did LeBron James average in the 2011 Finals?

17.8 points
LeBron James averaged 17.8 points, 7.2 rebounds and 6.8 assists in 6 games in the 2011 NBA Finals.

Who was favored to win NBA Finals in 2011?

According to, the Dallas Mavericks odds of their first NBA title happening in 2011 are 18/1. That puts the Mavs behind seven other teams with better odds, three of which are in the West. The Lakers at 9/5, Spurs at 3/1 and the Thunder at 14/1.

Who did the Dallas Mavericks beat to become NBA champions in 2011?

The Oklahoma City Thunder, led by Kevin Durant—the NBA’s leading scorer—and Russell Westbrook, were the most formidable offensive team that the Mavericks had faced in the 2011 postseason. They were fifth in the NBA in points per game during the regular season with 104.8.

Did Dallas Mavericks win?

Golden State Warriors eliminate Dallas Mavericks with Game 5 win, return to NBA Finals for first time since 2019.

Who was favored in the 2012 NBA Finals?

Oklahoma City Thunder
NBA Finals 2012 Odds: Why Oklahoma City Thunder Are Clear-Cut Favorites. The Oklahoma City Thunder are the favorites to win the NBA Finals with odds of 10:17, while their opponents, the Miami Heat, have 3:2 odds, according to Bovada.

Is Jason Terry a Hall of Famer?

50 greatest players who aren’t in the Basketball Hall of Fame: 46. Jason Terry.

Who have the Warriors lost to in the finals?

But the Warriors have lost Game 1 of a playoff series only twice in Steve Kerr’s eight-year run as head coach: in that aforementioned series against the Thunder (which they won), and in the 2019 Finals against the Raptors (which they lost).

Who was favored in the 2013 NBA Finals?

the Heat
Miami are -240 favorites to win the title, according to OddsShark, while San Antonio is going off at +200 to capture the Larry O’Brien Trophy. The odds of the Heat sweeping the Spurs is 7/1, compared to 18/1 for a San Antonio sweep.

Who was favored to win 2014 NBA Finals?

San Antonio Spurs
The San Antonio Spurs expect to have Tony Parker in the lineup Thursday when they host the Miami Heat in Game 1 of the NBA Finals, according to sources close to the situation….Championship Odds.

2014 NBA Championship Odds
San Antonio Spurs 5-6
Miami Heat 1-1
Vegas Insider

Which players have been to the NBA Finals more than once?

Eddie House, Žydrūnas Ilgauskas, LeBron James (James would reach the finals every year from 2011 to 2018, with both the Heat and the Cavaliers), and Jason Kidd have appeared in the Finals with different teams, with House (as a member of Boston ‘s 2008 championship team ), Wade and Haslem winning a championship ring.

Who has the most career playoff points in the NBA?

NBA All-Time Points Leaders: Career Totals in the Playoffs – Top 50 Player Points Playoffs Games 1. LeBron James 7,631 15 266 2. Michael Jordan 5,987 13 179 3. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 5,762 18 237 4. Kobe Bryant 5,640 15 220

How many times have the Mavericks won the NBA Finals?

The Mavericks also became just the 7th team, and the first since 1988, to come back and win the Finals after being down in the series two or more separate times (one game to none, and later two games to one). The previous six times this happened, the Finals ended in seven games; Dallas became the first team in NBA history to do it in six games.

Who won the 2006 NBA Finals Miami Heat or Mavericks?

Both the Mavericks and Heat made their second appearance in the NBA Finals, the first for both teams being the 2006 NBA Finals. This Finals marked a rematch of those 2006 Finals, won by Miami in six games, after the Mavericks were up 2–0.