How much does a 2015 Honda Grom cost?

How much does a 2015 Honda Grom cost?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $3,199 $2,445
Total Price $3,199 $2,445

How much is CBR 2015?

New Honda CBR 150R Launched At Rs. 1.23 lakh launched the bike at Rs. 1.23 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). Along with the CBR 150R, the company also introduced the 2015 Honda CBR 250R model year at Rs. 1.60 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi).

Is Honda CBR650R a superbike?

The 2021 Honda CBR650R is the middleweight superbike offering from Honda and it hits the sweet spot in every aspect, except for one. The Honda CBR650R is the successor to the Honda CBR650F and while their names have the difference of just one letter, the motorcycles approach things way differently.

How much is the cheapest Grom?

Grom. Base MSRP: $3,499.

  • Monkey.
  • Super Cub C125 ABS. Base MSRP: $3,799. Build Explore.
  • New. Trail125. Base MSRP: $3,999. Build Explore.
  • New. NAVI. Base MSRP: $1,807. Build Explore.
  • How many cc is a 2015 Honda CBR?

    A new crankshaft, connecting rod and piston have yielded 37cc more displacement, bringing the liquid-cooled dohc four-valve single to 286cc….2015 Honda CBR300R – First Ride.

    ENGINE 286cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke
    BORE & STROKE 76.0mm x 63.0mm
    INDUCTION PGM-FI, 38mm throttle body

    How fast is a 2015 Honda CBR?

    Honda CBR300R Specifications

    Engine & Drivetrain:
    Fuel Capacity: 3.4 gallons
    Miles Per Gallon: 71 mpg
    Top Speed: 100 mph (est)

    How many miles do Groms last?

    How Many Miles Can You Expect From Honda Groms? With adequate maintenance and regular servicing, you can expect a Honda Grom to last for approximately 120,000-130,000 miles. Since the average annual mileage for a motorcycle is around 5,000 miles, this means that Honda Grom can survive for many years on the road.

    How far can a Grom go on a full tank?

    Motorcycle Fuel Range List of 50 Popular Models

    Model Average MPG Average Fuel Range (Miles)
    Honda Grom 134 194
    Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R 40-50 203
    BMW G310GS 65-75 203
    Aprilia RS4 50 50-60 209

    Whats the fastest Grom?

    However, the 2022 Grom also has a new rear sprocket and a new transmission. Instead of a four-speed manual, the mini motorcycle comes with a five-speed manual. And as a result of all these changes, the Grom’s top speed is now 59 mph, up from 54 mph.

    How fast does a Honda CBR 1000 go?

    186 mph
    Top Speed: 186 mph (Est.)

    How fast does a CBR300R go?

    CBR300R Acceleration

    Honda CBR300R Acceleration
    Speed Time
    SS/KM 29.608/96 mph
    SS/Mile 43.46/97.3mph
    Top Speed 97.85 mph

    Is the CBR600RR a fast bike?

    This Supersport motorcycle is powered by a traditional 599 cc inline 4 making a claimed 118 horsepower at 13500 rpm and a claimed torque of 48 ft/lb at 11250 rpm….CBR600RR acceleration and top speed.

    2017 Honda CBR600RR Acceleration
    Speed Time
    SS/KM [email protected] mph
    SS/Mile [email protected] mph
    Top Speed 160.1 mph