How much does a BV 500 weigh?

How much does a BV 500 weigh?

2 lbs. 9 oz.

BearVault® Model BV500
Weight 2 lbs. 9 oz. (1.16kg)
Tool free operation Yes
Easy to attach to backpack with built in strap guides Yes
Easy to slip into backpack Yes

How do you pack a BearVault 500?

Packing your BearVault In larger packs, your BearVault is best positioned horizontally just above your sleeping bag compartment. If your pack is too narrow, a vertical position is the next best option. Use softer items like clothing to stuff the edges, pad your back, and make sure your load is stabilized.

How many liters is BV500?

Weight is 2 lbs 9 oz (1.16 kg), volume is 700 cubic inches (11.5 liters).

Are bear canisters necessary?

Put simply: If you’re camping in the mountains where there’s any potential bear activity or any other wild animals, a bear canister is a necessity. Practicing proper bear safety while camping is always necessary. Additionally, bear canisters are required at many national parks.

How do I remove the bv500 from the pack?

The BV500 even fits horizontally and you can still lash a tent to the outside of the pack and still use the water bottle pockets on the side. The “J” pocket on the front of the pack allows you to easily remove the BV500 from the pack. Helpful?

What is the BearVault bv500?

Food protection that keeps your wild adventure going, the BearVault BV500 container features simple access and a light weight-to-volume ratio for a 7-day solo backpacking trip. Stash on the ground or in a niche 100 ft. downwind of camp and cooking site; do not hang; never keep BearVault inside your tent

What is the difference between the bv-300 and the bv-500?

The unique curvature of the BV-500’s rugged body gives this compact, extremely lightweight reel the structural integrity of models twice its size. Basing the BV-300’s design on the original premise of the Roman Arches or Domes used in early architecture, Accurate has been able to create a significantly stronger reel using less material.

What rod to pair with the bv-500n?

A good rod to pair with the BV-500N is the OTI rod (OTI-FB510300A). Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.