How much does a Harrier cost in Kenya?

How much does a Harrier cost in Kenya?

What is the Harrier Price in Kenya? New Harrier price in Kenya starts from over Ksh. 3,000,000 to over Ksh. 6,000,000.

Is Harrier owned by Toyota?

The Toyota Harrier (Japanese: トヨタ・ハリアー, Hepburn: Toyota Hariā) is a five-passenger compact, later mid-size crossover SUV produced by Toyota since December 1997 in Japan, which was once exclusive to Toyopet Store Japanese dealerships.

How much is a vanguard in Kenya?

7-Seater Toyota Vanguard The Toyota Vanguard 7-seater price in Kenya is roughly Ksh 3,850,000. It is the most expensive due to its capacity to carry more people.

How much is a Toyota v8 in Kenya?

What is the price of the Toyota Land Cruiser V8 in Kenya?

Year GX AX
2018 KES 7,900,000 ~ 8,700,000 KES 8,600,000 ~ 9,000,000
2019 KES 8,700,000 ~ 9.800,000 KES 8,900,000 ~ 9,500,000
2020 KES 9,600,000 ~ 10,200,000 KES 9,700,000 ~ 10,400,000
2021 KES 10,100,000 ~ 11,300,000 KES 10,800,000 ~ 11,500,000

Is Harrier same as Lexus?

Lexus is a luxury brand of Toyota although Toyota harrier can be compared to the Lexus because they are riding on the same platform but the only thing that separate them apart is that Lexus offers premium features that are not in Toyota harrier.

Who makes Harrier engine?

Tata Motors Limited
The Tata Harrier is a five-seater, diesel-engined compact crossover SUV produced by the Indian automaker Tata Motors Limited.

How much is a Toyota Rush in Kenya?

2016 Model: KES 2,540,000 – KES 2,900,000….Toyota Rush for Sale in Kenya – 2015 to 2016 Import Price.

Model Year Import Price
2016 Model KES 2,420,000 – KES 2,800,000

How many types of Harrier are there?

The Tata Harrier is offered in 20 variants namely XZ Plus Kaziranga Edition, XZA Plus Kaziranga Edition AT, XTA Plus, XTA Plus Dark Edition AT, XT plus Dark Edition, XT plus, XE, XM, XMA AT, XT, XZ, XZ Dual Tone, XZA AT, XZA Dual Tone AT, XZ Plus, XZ Plus Dual Tone, XZ Plus Dark Edition, XZA Plus AT, XZA Plus Dual Tone …

How many Tesla are in Kenya?

Both come with Tesla’s Autopilot driver assistance and GPS systems. As of 2019, there were only 300 electric vehicles in the country.

Where is Toyota Harrier sold?

The current generation Toyota Harrier is no longer related to the Lexus RX. Up until now, the Harrier exists only as a right-hand drive model. It’s sold mostly in Japan but many units found their way here via grey importers.

Does Harrier have 4×4?

The 4WD system will be an addition to this car. Now, will this system will be a Tata unit or a Land Rover system is still not clear or announced yet….Tata Harrier 4×4 Specifications.

Specification Tata Harrier 4×4
Power 140bhp
Torque 350Nm of torque
Driving Modes Eco, City, Sport

How much is a Nissan Juke in Kenya?

Nissan Juke Price in Kenya – Import Price for 2015-2020 Models

Nissan Juke, S/Wagon, 1500cc, 2WD, Petrol Import Price
2017 Model From Ksh. 1.78M to Ksh. 2.28M
2018 Model From Ksh. 2.00M to Ksh. 2.50M
2019 Model From Ksh. 2.22M to Ksh. 2.72M
2020 Model From Ksh. 2.53M to Ksh. 3.03M