How much is a 63 Corvette worth?

How much is a 63 Corvette worth?

How much is this 1963 split-window Corvette? The private owner has it listed on eBay, and the price is a staggering $499,900. All of the second-gen Corvettes are extremely collectible. But the split-window coupes, given the unique rear window found only this one year, are arguably the most sought after.

How much is a 1963 Grand Sport Corvette worth?

The 1963 Grand Sport only barely qualifies as a production car but, going for between six and eight million dollars, it definitely qualifies as valuable.

How much did a 1963 split-window Corvette cost in 1963?

$ $ 4,525
In Detail

type Series Production Car
built at St. Louis, Missouri, USA
price $ $ 4,525
engine V8
position Front Longitudinal

What is a big tank Corvette?

The “Big Tank” refers to this car’s 36-gallon gas tank, useful in racing because it minimized fill-ups. It also had a 345 horsepower fuel-injected engine and performance suspension and brakes. This car also has the iconic split rear-window featured on 1963 cars. NEXT: 1957 Chevrolet Corvette “Fuelie”

What is a Corvette big tank?

How many 63 Grand Sport Corvettes are there?

five 1963
There were only five 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sports ever built.

What is a tanker Corvette?

This car was Mickey Thompson’s personal daily driver back in the mid-1960s, it’s a rare Corvette Z06 “Tanker” – essentially a factory-built race car that could be ordered as an option package for an additional $1,818.45 USD in 1963 dollars. That works out to $15,473.94 USD in 2020 money.

What is N03 big tank option?

So what is an N03 RPO? We learn from the Corvette Black Book that it is the 36-gallon fuel tank. This option was only available for five years, and there was only a total of 210 produced. In 1963 there were just 63 that selected that RPO N03.

How big is a Corvette gas tank?

The 2022 Chevrolet Corvette has a maximum highway driving range of 444 miles on a full tank of fuel….2022 Chevrolet Corvette Gas Tank Size.

Gas Tank Size (imperial) 18.5 gallons
Gas Tank Size (metric) 70.0 liters

What is a Corvette tanker?

What engine was in the 1963 Corvette Grand Sport?

block 377 cid V8 engine
The Grand Sport was a lightweight version of the 1963 model featuring an aluminum block 377 cid V8 engine that developed more than 550 horsepower. The original Corvette Grand Sport race cars were targeted for the 1963 Le Mans race.

How much does a 1963 Corvette cost?

The 1963 Corvette was a brand new and out of the box design that has stood the test of time… $145,985

How many 1963 Z06 Corvettes were made?

And this particular example has a colorful history. By the fall of 1962, Chevrolet had built a total of 15 Z06-optioned 1963 Corvettes. And they were about to be distributed to a select group of pre-approved racers.

What kind of engine does a 1963 Corvette have?

1963 Corvette convertible. Fuel injected 327 engine. Original numbers matching engine CCAS (Al Grenn THE VETTE NET is a professional Corvette brokerage network?and proud Lifetime Business Member of the

Is this the rarest 1963 Z06 big tank ever?

He stuck only to the ’63s over the years, moving up the ladder of rarity little by little, until in 2007, when he scored one of the rarest of them all: a 1963 Z06 big-tank car. Found in Connecticut, the car was worthy of the selling price, but still needed a full-blown restoration.