How much is a good bottle of Montrachet?

How much is a good bottle of Montrachet?

Montrachet Wines The region produces some of the world’s best Chardonnay wines. These dry white wines are noted for their richness and structure, and a bottle can cost from $170 to $2900 dollars, with rarer vintages priced even higher.

What is the most expensive Montrachet?

origin – Cote de Beaune, France A bottle of the fine wine of Montrachet Grand Cru, on an average, costs $7,722. The most expensive vintage bottle was sold for $108,000.

Is Montrachet a Chardonnay?

Wines from Montrachet are composed almost entirely of Chardonnay, unlike in other white Burgundy wines, where up to 15% of Pinot Blanc can be added. These are, like most French wines, referred to by their place of origin rather than by grape variety.

Why is Montrachet wine so expensive?

Montrachet wine does come at a cost. Its Grand Cru status and the fact that it is one of the oldest in the area makes it pricier than wine from the surrounding vineyards.

What is the fanciest white wine?

1811 Chateau d’Yquem Considered to be the most expensive bottle of white wine in the world, the 1811 Chateau d’Yquem can be purchased for around $117,000. It is very enjoyable to sip and tends to taste very sweet.

What is the difference between Chablis and Meursault?

Chablis, a Burgundy jewel in its own universe It is more than ten times bigger than Meursault! But Chablis is rather far away from the rest of Burgundy. It is its own little (or big) island of vineyards that is closer to the Southern end of Champagne than to the heart of Burgundy wine country.

What is Chassagne-Montrachet Premier Cru?

For much of the 20th Century, red wines formed the majority of the wine produced here, but the increasing fame of the local Chardonnay led the commune to shift its focus to white wines. Cuvées made from more than one of these vineyards are simply labelled as Chassagne-Montrachet Premier Cru. Such wines are quite rare, however.

What is Chassagne Montrachet wine?

Chassagne-Montrachet Wine. Chassagne-Montrachet is a village in the Côte de Beaune sub-region of Burgundy and a communal appellation, created in 1937. The designation covers both red wines, made from Pinot Noir, and whites made from Chardonnay.

What are the quarries of Chassagne-Montrachet?

The quarries of Chassagne-Montrachet have existed for several centuries, and were mainly exploited after the war of 1914.

What are the soils like around Chassagne-Montrachet?

The soils around Chassagne-Montrachet are characteristically Burgundian, with a high content of limestone – particularly on the slopes of the Côte d’Or. There is a distinct difference, however, between the vineyard sites to the south of Chassagne-Montrachet village and those to the north.