How much is a Rottweiler in California?

How much is a Rottweiler in California?

The average price would be around $1500 for a regular Rott from a reputable breeder. But, if you prefer a Rottie of German lineage, you’ll have to pay from $2700 to $4000.

What is the rarest type of Rottweiler?

The red-coated Rottweiler color is the rarest of this breed. They do not have the black saddle pattern in their fur, and they are often mistaken for other breeds. It’s also important to note that, besides the health issues we mentioned above, many of these pups are bred unethically due to their unique rarity.

What is a Yugoslavian Rottweiler?

Talking about the Serbian rottweiler is talking about the quintessential watchdog. It is the best valued dog for tasks of surveillance, custody and protection of people and homes. It is certainly a territorial type dog breed that does not tolerate the close presence of other dogs too much.

Are there any Rottweiler breeders in California?

There are tons of reputable Rottweiler breeders in California that have dedicated years to breed this impressive dog so you can have a healthy and happy Rottweiler. On the other hand, we saw several puppy mills and backyard breeders selling cheap Rottweiler puppies that aren’t health checked or genetically tested.

Are Rottweilers German titles?

The adult Rottweilers are also German titled and trained. In addition, the dogs have Schutzhund and Ztp/BST titles which are crucial in a young Rottie’s life. Most of their females breed in Germany and whelp in their facility in Whittier, California.

How much does a Rottweiler cost?

Rottweilers for companionship cost between $2800 to $3500. Show or breed quality Rottweiler puppies cost between $3000 and $4000. The Rottweiler’s origin dates back to Roman times as cart pulling and herder dogs. Today, the Rottweiler finds purpose in something to do.

Is a Rottweiler the right dog for You?

Powerful and captivating, Rottweilers are a majestic dog breed that can fulfill the companionship or service you need. Those who know the Rottweiler can’t help but love them and that love is brought back a hundred-fold.