How much is a Yamaha AR210?

How much is a Yamaha AR210?


Base price $44,799 (USD)
Max hp 320 hp
Base engine Yamaha 1052cc HO
Drive / Propulsion Jet drive

How much does a Yamaha SX210 cost?

We’ve said that the Yamaha 210 Series are affordable boats and we meant it. The SX version we tested comes in at $40,199 and the watersports tower equipped AR210 is priced at $42,499.

How fast does a Yamaha AR210 go?

Top speed for the AR210, as recorded on a handheld GPS unit was 50 mph….Yamaha AR210: Wake-Up Call.

Length 20’11”
Beam 8′
Deadrise 18 degrees
Dry weight 2,150 pounds
Engines Twin 135-hp three-cylinder two-stroke

How long is the Yamaha AR 210?

21′ 3″
AR210 Full Specifications

Length 21′ 3″
Weight 3,228 LBS
Beam 8’6″
Draft 19″
Dead Rise 20°

Whats the difference between Yamaha SX and AR?

Welcome @aquilotti1 When it comes to Yamahas, AR boats have a tower and SX models don’t. Sometimes the biminis are slightly different too because AR models probably have the bimini tops mounted to the tower. I’m sure color schemes are different as well, but essentially all of the boats functions would be the same.

How much does a Yamaha ar190 weight?

2,441 LBS
AR190 Full Specifications

Length 19’5″
Weight 2,441 LBS
Beam 8’2″
Draft 15″
Dead Rise 18°

Are jet boats good for wakeboarding?

Even though they are small, jet boats are powerful enough to tow a wakeboarder. Their lightweight and speed present interesting wakeboarding opportunities.

What is the fastest Yamaha boat?

What Is The Fastest Yamaha Boat? You might be asking, which is the fastest Yamaha jet boat currently under production? From the available information, the 2022 Yamaha 255 FSH Sport E is the fastest model with a reported top speed of 57 MPH.

What Yamaha boats are supercharged?

Yamaha AR192 and SX192 Jet Boats: Sporty and Supercharged

  • Offered in either black or grey powdercoat finish, the standard AR192 tow sports tower incorporates a sun top.
  • Jet boats like the Yamaha AR 192 have the additional and obvious advantage of a propeller-free drive.

Is the Yamaha AR190 a good boat?

Yamaha did a good job of keeping the AR190 a user-friendly boat by creating an attractive helm which functions well with a minimalist, uncluttered appearance. The console is a soft gray with a gloss surface. Two gauges reside in the upper panel, a speedometer and tachometer.

How much horsepower does a Yamaha AR190 have?

180 hp

Base price $30,299 (USD), $31,799 (CAD)
Max hp 180 hp
Base engine Yamaha 1812cc HO

How much does a Yamaha 212 weigh?


Length Overall 21′ 3” / 6.48 m
Beam 8′ 5” 2.57 m
Dry Weight 3,605 lbs. 1,635 kg
Tested Weight 4,325 lbs. 1,962 kg
Draft 16” .41 m