How much is gambit comic worth?

How much is gambit comic worth?

Gambit (1993 1st Series Marvel) comic books

$300 Gambit #1 NM Limited Edition Variant / (1993) / X-Men
$475 Gambit #1 CGC 9.6 White pages – Key 1st issue – Embossed Gold foil cover
$1,095 PRIMO: GAMBIT #1 GOLD rare variant cover NM/MT 9.8 CGC 1993 Marvel comics

What comic did gambit first appear in?

The Uncanny X-Men #266
Gambit (Marvel Comics)

First appearance The Uncanny X-Men Annual #14 (July 1990) and The Uncanny X-Men #266 (Aug. 1990)
Created by Chris Claremont (writer) Jim Lee (artist)
In-story information
Alter ego Remy Etienne LeBeau

What happened to Gambit in the comics?

After becoming Death, Gambit’s hair turned white and his skin turned deep black. Despite having his mind and body twisted, Gambit retained a large portion of his former self, stating to Apocalypse, “I’m both Death and Gambit”, and he also remembered his love for Rogue as he could not bring himself to kill her.

How much is gambit first appearance worth?

NOTE: 1st appearance of Gambit. 36 pages, full color. Cover price $1.00….CGC Signature Series.

$235 Uncanny X-men #266 – CGC 7.5
$550 Uncanny X Men 266 CGC SS 9.4 Claremont 1st Gambit 8/1990

How much is Gambit first appearance worth?

Why was Gambit Cancelled?

Why was MCU’s Gambit canceled? Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Gambit, scheduled for a release in October 2016, was canceled due to Disney shelving the X-Men spinoff. Disney’s merger with Fox made the spin-off a corporate casualty and was canceled in 2019.

Who is Jean GREY’s son Cyclops?

Nathan Summers
Nathan Summers is the son of the X-Men member Cyclops (Scott Summers) and his first wife Madelyne Pryor (Jean Grey’s clone).

Why did Disney cancel Gambit?

Why did Marvel cancel Gambit?

Wyatt later stated in March 2019, that he left the film because the studio “slashed [the budget] quite considerably” following the financial failure of Fantastic Four (2015), but was not willing to let the script be re-written to match the new budget before the beginning of production which then was around 10 weeks …

Is there a Gambit movie coming out?

In a new interview in Variety, Channing Tatum reveals that his hopes of starring as X-Men member Gambit in a planned future movie was scrapped after the Disney/Fox merger — and he’s so hurt that he’s boycotted Marvel’s Avengers movies ever since.

Can Thanos beat Gambit?

10 Would Destroy: Gambit Unfortunately for Gambit, Thanos really only needs to hit him once, whether it be with his fists or with one of his powerful blasts. It’s highly doubtful that Gambit’s attacks would even slow Thanos down, so that one fateful hit wouldn’t even be that hard to land.