How much is Marylou Whitney worth?

How much is Marylou Whitney worth?

They had one daughter, Cornelia. C.V. Whitney died in 1992, leaving Marylou with an estate estimated at $100 million.

How did Whitney family get rich?

Whitney was born into two of the most prominent families in the United States. His mother was the sculptor Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney, founder of the Whitney Museum of American Art and heiress to a railroad and steamship fortune, and his father was Henry Payne Whitney, heir to fortunes in oil and tobacco.

Who was Marylou Whitney’s husband?

John Hendricksonm. 1997
Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitneym. 1958–1992Frank Hosfordm. 1948
Marylou Whitney/Husband

How old is Marylou Whitney?

93 years (1925–2019)Marylou Whitney / Age at death

Who is the Whitney race named after?

Whitney Handicap First run in 1928, the race was actually named in honor of the entire Whitney family (Marylou, not yet a Whitney, was 3 at the time), one of the most prominent families in racing and American history.

Who is Marylou?

Marylou is Dean’s first and rather astute wife. She understands Dean and their relationship incredibly well. She remarks on his madness, saying that she loves him but can’t have him because he is simply too mad.

Where does the surname Whitney come from?

Whitney is an Old English surname that derives from the location of Whitney in Herefordshire, England. It was first mentioned in the Domesday Book with the spelling Witenie.

How much is the Vanderbilt family worth?

Cornelius Vanderbilt, also known as “The Commodore,” has about 100 million dollars of fortune throughout his life. In today’s value, that will be around 2.5 billion dollars.

What does Marylou mean?

Marylou Origin and Meaning The name Marylou is girl’s name meaning “drop of the sea, bitter, or beloved + famous battle”. Truncated form of Marylouise.

How old is Mary Lou from Malory Towers?


Biographycal Information
Age 12-17
Physical Information
Gender Female

Is Timothy Olyphant part of the Vanderbilt family?

Through his father, Timothy is a four times great-grandson of industrialist Cornelius Vanderbilt, and a three times great-grandson of his son, William Henry Vanderbilt, who vastly expanded the Vanderbilt family fortune.

Is it Mary Lou or Marylou?

The name Marylou is girl’s name meaning “drop of the sea, bitter, or beloved + famous battle”. Truncated form of Marylouise. As two separate words, Mary Lou has popped up a number of times, as the title, for example, of two early feature films.

Is Mary a Hebrew name?

The name Mary was derived from the ancient Hebrew name Miriam. Miriam was the name of Moses’ sister in the Old Testament of the Bible. This name may have come from a root meaning “beloved,” or from a word meaning “bitter” or “rebellious,” a reference to the biblical Miriam’s life as a slave in Egypt.

What age is Ella Bright?

15 years (2006)Ella Bright / Age

Who is Marylou Whitney’s husband?

14 of 116 Socialite Marylou Whitney, center right, arrives at her gala “A Night in Alaska” on a dog sled with Iditarod musher Martin Buser, center left, on Friday Aug. 3, 2007, at the Canfield Casino in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. At left is Whitney’s husband John Hendrickson. CINDY SCHULTZ/DG Show More Show Less

Where is Marylou Whitney buried?

Marylou Whitney died July 19, 2019. Her formal funeral arrangements were kept confidential. A few days after her death, Whitney was buried at Greenridge Cemetery in Saratoga Springs, NY. Her burial date was kept restricted to close friends and family.

What does Marylou Whitney dress up as?

Every year, Mrs. Whitney costumes herself in keeping with a different fantasy theme, such as Snow White or Little Bo Peep. (One year, Marylou provoked a small panic when, as she danced into Congress Park dressed as Glinda the Good Witch from The Wizard of Oz, a $250,000 emerald popped from her necklace.

What is the Marylou Whitney Garden?

John Hendrickson funded the new “Marylou Whitney Garden” at the museum as a replica of one of their personal gardens and presented it as an anniversary gift to Marylou. The Doll Houses have raised over half of a million dollars for charities, and the garden is the setting for many weddings and private parties.