How much would a SR-71 Blackbird cost today?

How much would a SR-71 Blackbird cost today?

$250 million apiece
Designed to be the ultimate spy plane for what would’ve cost $250 million apiece today, the SR-71 could fly higher than any jet plane and even outrun surface-to-air missiles. And the Air Force hated it.

Are there any flyable SR-71?

During 1988, the USAF retired the SR-71 largely for political reasons; several were briefly reactivated during the 1990s before their second retirement in 1998. NASA was the final operator of the Blackbird, retiring their aircraft in 1999….Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird.

SR-71 “Blackbird”
Developed from Lockheed A-12

How much does a SR-71 cost to build?

How much did it cost to build? At the time, each SR-71 cost 33 million to build and after becoming accepted by the U.S. Air Force the price tag went to 34 million per airframe.

Is it possible to buy a SR-71 Blackbird?

An SR-71 Blackbird Tail Fin Is For Sale On eBay For $1 Million.

Can you buy a SR-71 Blackbird?

How many Blackbird pilots are there?

85 pilots
There were only 85 pilots and RSOs who were trained to fly the SR-71 operationally. Another 40 or so were trained to fly test flights for the plane, said Buz Carpenter, a former SR-71 pilot who is now a docent at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum annex in Chantilly, Virginia.

Who was the first American woman to solo in a fixed wing airplane?

Amelia Earhart
Alma mater Ogontz School Columbia University (did not graduate either)
Occupation Aviator author
Known for Many early aviation records, including first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean
Spouse(s) George P. Putnam ​ ( m. 1931)​

How much does a b2 cost?

Designed and manufactured by Northrop, later Northrop Grumman, the cost of each aircraft averaged US$737 million (in 1997 dollars). Total procurement costs averaged $929 million per aircraft, which includes spare parts, equipment, retrofitting, and software support.

Can you own a Blackbird?

The USA’s native birds are protected by law, and may only be kept in captivity by licensed rehabilitators (European Starlings, may be kept in some states, please see article linked below).

Did Jimmy Stewart own a p51 Mustang?

In 1999, Warren purchased what he believed to be a damaged P-51A in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. It was only later that he discovered that what he’d actually acquired were the mortal remains of Thunderbird, the iconic blue P-51C which Jimmy Stewart once flew in the Bendix Air Races just after WWII.