How old is Aislin McGuckin?

How old is Aislín McGuckin?

About 48 years (May 1974)Aislín McGuckin / Age

What happened to Dr Liz Merrick in Heartbeat?

Liz moved to the Aidensfield Surgery from a St Thomas’ hospital in London in order to escape from an affair with a married man. Of Aidensfield’s seven doctors to date, she is one of only two to survive her time in the district, along with Dr James Alway.

Who plays Merrick?

Aislín McGuckinDr. Liz Merrick / Played byAislín McGuckin is a Northern Irish actress. She has appeared in theatre, television, and film roles. Her early film work includes The Nephew and The White Countess. Wikipedia

Who replaced Dr Merrick in Heartbeat?

Ben Arthur Norton was played by Richard Lintern and appeared in 20 episodes in 2004.

Who is the Irish doctor in heartbeat?

Aislín McGuckin
Aislin in Heartbeat And one of those stars is Aislín McGuckin who played the role of Dr Liz Merrick.

Why did Jenny leave heartbeat?

Her character Jenny suffered a mental breakdown in series 14 and was subsequently taken into care. This lead to her and Duncan Bell’s departure from the show.

What happened to Dr Trent in heartbeat?

After Heartbeat, Jonathan went on to pursue other acting work and had roles in shows such as US crime drama NCIS, BBC drama The Best Possible Taste, as well as the film Diana, alongside Naomi Watts who played the late Princess of Wales. In 2014, he began appearing as Neil in the BBC drama series In The Club.

Where is Desmond Eastwood from?

Lisburn, United KingdomDesmond Eastwood / Place of birth

Who plays Lord Ashfordly in heartbeat?

Rupert Vansittart
Heartbeat (TV Series 1992–2010) – Rupert Vansittart as Lord Ashfordly – IMDb.

Why did Sergeant Merton leave heartbeat?

Jenny later married Sgt Dennis Merton. She left the series, alongside her husband, when she suffered a mental breakdown and was taken into care.

Why did Sarah Tansey leave heartbeat?

Sarah was in the show for three years She then began a relationship with Sergeant Dennis Merton (Duncan Bell) and the two married during episode 13. Just three years later, it was Sarah’s turn to leave the show. Her character Jenny suffered a mental breakdown in series 14 and was subsequently taken into care.

Why was Kate Rowan written off Heartbeat?

Kate Rowan in the popular 1990s television drama series Heartbeat (1992–1995), set in the 1960s in the North Riding of Yorkshire. Her character died from leukaemia in series 5 leaving her policeman husband Nick, played by Nick Berry, a widower. She had decided to leave the show after becoming pregnant.

What happened to Sarah Tansey?

Where is Sarah Tansey now? In 2005, shortly after leaving the police drama, Sarah married fellow actor Hywel Simons. Hywel has credits in shows such as The Bill, Little Britain and BBC’s Roughnecks. Since then, Sarah has kept a low-profile and veered away from acting.

What age is Sarah Tansey?

About 51 years (1971)Sarah Tansey / Age

Is actress Sophie Ward married?

Rena Brannanm. 2014
Paul Hobsonm. 1988–1996
Sophie Ward/Spouse

Who plays Darren Reid hidden assets?

Desmond Eastwood
Hidden Assets (TV Series 2021– ) – Desmond Eastwood as Darren Reid – IMDb.

Who played Darren Reid hidden assets?

The Gist: In Shannon, Ireland, DS Emer Berry (Angeline Ball) is leading a crew from the Criminal Assets Bureau into the home of drug dealer Darren Reid (Desmond Eastwood).