How old is Dudek?

How old is Dudek?

49 years (March 23, 1973)Jerzy Dudek / Age

Who is Dudek?

Jerzy Henryk “Jurek” Dudek (born 23 March 1973) is a retired Polish international footballer who played for Liverpool from 2001-2007….

Jerzy Dudek
Place of Birth Rybnik, Poland
Height 1.88 m (6’2″)
Position Goalkeeper
Liverpool statistics

Where is Dudek now?

He currently works as a UEFA ambassador travelling around Europe promoting the Champions League and the European Championships.

Is Dudek a legend?

A Liverpool hero who made his debut 18 years ago. After 186 games for club which included 78 clean sheets and multiple trophies means he left a legend. Jerzy Dudek moved to the Reds from Feyenoord in 2001.

What number is Dudek?

Jerzy Dudek

Season club
09/10 Real Madrid 13
08/09 Real Madrid 25
07/08 Real Madrid 25
06/07 Liverpool FC 1

How tall is Jerzy Dudek?

6′ 2″Jerzy Dudek / Height

Where is the name Dudek from?

Dudek is a surname of Slavic-language origin (meaning “hoopoe”). The Czech/Slovak feminine form is Dudková.

Where is the last name Dudek from?

The origins of the German surname Dudek can be traced to Poland. The name is derived from the Slavic word “duda,” meaning “street musician.” It is likely that the original bearer of this surname was a wandering minstrel, perhaps traveling through Poland.

When did Dudek retire?

He made his final appearance for Los Merengues on 21 May 2011 on his retirement from football, in an 8–1 home win over Almería, and was substituted in the 77th minute to a guard of honour from his Real Madrid teammates. Dudek came out of international retirement on 4 June 2013 to make his 60th appearance for Poland.

Why did Dudek leave Liverpool?

Former Liverpool goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek has revealed that he was so desperate to leave at the end of his Anfield days that he considered punching manager Rafa Benitez. Dudek wrote himself into Reds folklore with his role in the 2005 Champions League final against Milan.

Was Jerzy Dudek a captain?

Dudek came out of international retirement on 4 June 2013 to make his 60th appearance for Poland. He returned after four years’ absence in a friendly against Liechtenstein, wore the captain’s armband, the number 60 on his shirt and came off just before half-time to rapturous applause.

How common is the last name Dudek?

How Common Is The Last Name Dudek? The surname Dudek is the 7,262nd most commonly used family name globally It is held by approximately 1 in 93,257 people.

What does dudik mean?

Meaning and Origin of: Dudik Ukrainian : either a nickname from Ukrainian dudyk ‘small stone found in clay’, or an occupational name for a player on a reed pipe, from dudyty’to play the reed pipe’.

Was Dudek a good goalkeeper?

Jerzy Dudek It would be an overstatement to say that Dudek was always reliable at Liverpool, especially during their Premier League struggles in the early noughties. But the man’s penalty saves in the 2005 Champions League final ensures he’ll forever be remembered as a club legend.

Who is the best keeper in Liverpool?

Alisson Becker has cemented his position as one of world football’s most formidable goalkeepers since joining Liverpool in 2018. He arrived at Anfield from AS Roma and was integral to the Champions League and Premier League triumphs in 2019 and 2020 respectively.

Who is the best Liverpool keeper ever?

Bruce Grobbelaar Still probably top of the list for Liverpool’s all-time goalkeepers for the honours he won during the 80s, the most successful club in the period in the club’s history, winning six league titles, three FA Cups and one European Cup.

Who is Liverpool’s number 2 keeper?

goalkeeper Caoimhin Kelleher
Liverpool goalkeeper Caoimhin Kelleher won’t leave Jurgen Klopp’s side despite being ‘world’s best No. 2’ and stuck behind Man City star for Ireland. Liverpool are set to reject any interest for their heroic goalkeeper Caoimhin Kelleher.

Who has the most clean sheets for Liverpool?

Goalkeepers – Clean sheets

Total League
Player CS Apps
Ray Clemence 323 470
Bruce Grobbelaar 267 440
Elisha Scott 137 430