How the four perspectives of operations strategy would apply to Ryanair?

How the four perspectives of operations strategy would apply to Ryanair?

The four perspectives of operations strategies apply to both Ryanair and Flextronics just like any other organization in the market. These perspectives are market requirements, bottom up, capability operation, and bottom down.

What is Ryanair’s strategic intent?

“Ryanair’s objective is to firmly establish itself as Europe’s leading low-fare scheduled passenger airline through continued improvements and expanded offerings of its low-fare service.” These strategies focus on the core competency of Ryanair to ensure that it offers exceptional value in the saturated airline market.

What is Ryanair’s generic competitive strategy?

By applying these strengths, three generic strategies are resulted: cost leadership, differentiation and focus ( 1997). The strategies used by the company include cost leadership, differentiation strategy and focused differentiation.

What do customers want from Ryanair?

92% Of Customers Satisfied With Flight Experience

Category Excellent/Very Good/ Good Ok
Boarding 87% 7%
Crew Friendliness 95% 2%
Experience onboard 94% 3%
Food & Drink Range 81% 11%

How would you describe Ryanair’s overall strategy what are its main strengths and weaknesses?

Strength: Ryanair’s strengths cover internal factors driving growth. Weakness: Ryanair’s weaknesses include internal factors slowing down progress. Opportunity: Opportunities are external factors promoting expansion. Threat: Threats to Ryanair are external factors blocking development.

Why did Ryanair implement a low cost strategy?

Ryanair believed its cost focus strategy would help it to capitalize on the market by offering cheap fares. It offered fares that were almost 20 percent lower than the cheapest fare of its competitors.

What are the four perspectives of operations strategy?

Operations perspective Slack et al. (2009, pp. 19–22) classify them into four perspectives, namely: Top- down, Bottom-up, Market requirement-based and Resources-based.

What type of pricing strategy does Ryanair use?

Ryanair switched a product-based to a value-based pricing approach to serve its customers based on their wants and needs. Besides, Ryanair’s succeed in boosting profits by unbundling the air travel elements of passengers and charging each element (such as seat selection, luggage preferences, etc.)

Does Ryanair have a competitive advantage?

Ryanair has continued to maintain its position as the world’s most profitable airline by various practices and thus giving it a competitive advantage over others. Competitive advantage can be defined as the strategies, skills, knowledge, resources and competencies that differentiate businesses from its competitors.

How can Ryanair improve their reputation?

A proposal for improving Ryanair’s corporate reputation The major areas identified included promoting the publicity of the organisation through advertising, social media marketing and positive publicity.

Who is Ryanair’s target market?

Ryanair’s main target customers are people within Europe who mostly travel for private purpose, for example, who visit friends and relatives go on city-sightseeing trips. They are price-sensitive with a lower income level or other preferences and less willing to pay for the add-on services onboard.