Is a Cirrus a high performance?

Is a Cirrus a high performance?

List of high performance aircraft includes: Cessna 182, Cirrus SR22.

What is the fastest Cirrus plane?

The 2022 model year G6 SR is the fastest to date featuring sleeker wing and tail surfaces and redesigned wheel pants, resulting in true airspeeds of up to 9 knots faster.

How far can you fly SR22?

The Cirrus SR22 range varies depending on the weight on-board. At typical payload conditions, the aircraft can travel just about 660 nautical miles. The absolute maximum distance this private aircraft can fly soars up to 1,100 nautical miles.

Are Cirrus hard to fly?

On one level, it’s an easy plane to fly and it has many safety systems. On another level, it is sophisticated and complicated with advanced systems. The secret to relaxed flying is preparation and training. This article contains a few tips for would-be Cirrus pilots.

How much does it cost to maintain a Cirrus SR22?

Based on 450 annual owner-operated hours and $7.25-per-gallon fuel cost, the CIRRUS SR22 G6 has total variable costs of $92,083.50, total fixed costs of $27,382.50, and an annual budget of $119,466.00. This breaks down to $265.48 per hour.

What is the fastest 2 seater plane?

1. Lancair – 235, 320, 360 (Experimental) Kicking off with Fast cruisers, the Lancair 320 is a fast little plane achieving cruise speeds in excess of 200 knots (370 km/h). This is achieved with its highly aerodynamic airframe, a big Lycoming 160 hp engine and a constant speed propeller.

What is the fastest single engine?

Top 11 Fastest Single Engine Turboprop Planes

  • Beechcraft T-6 Texan II – 316 knots / 364 mph.
  • Pilatus PC-12 NGX – 290 knots / 335 mph.
  • Pilatus PC-12 NG – 285 knots / 328 mph.
  • Piper M600 – 274 knots / 315 mph.
  • Piper M500 – 262 knots / 302 mph.
  • PA-46-500TP Malibu Meridian – 260 knots / 299 mph.

How far can you fly a Cirrus SR22?

What is the range of a Cirrus SR22?

1,207 miCirrus SR22 / Range

Is the Cirrus SR22 a good plane?

The SR22 is a step up from the entry-level Cirrus aircraft, SR20. Both planes routinely make the top of the list in terms of general aircraft sales. Faster, more luxurious and with the same great safety features, among other amenities, this plane is an ideal buy for someone in the market for a piston-engine airplane.

How do people afford a Cirrus?

You can form a partnership or consider fractional ownership with Aisshares Elite or others who have a bunch of Cirri in their fleet. I have been flying for 30 years and only recently could justify the cost of a Cirrus. Been savings for many years to own my own plane.

What is the fastest twin engine prop plane?

Piaggio Avanti EVO
The distinctive Italian-built Piaggio Avanti II twin turboprop is now available in an all-new version, with a boost in performance plus a reduction in fuel costs and noise. The Piaggio Avanti EVO is the fastest twin turboprop in production, reaching speeds of up to 460 mph.

What is a Cirrus SR22?

Since 1994, when a nascent company named “Cirrus Design” unveiled a revolutionary airplane called the SR20, that list has grown to include the SR22 and SR22T. These aircraft have turned GA on its side.

What is the RPM on an SR22?

Cirrus pioneered the two-lever control, so the SR22 has a throttle and mixture lever, but no prop control. The RPM is handled by a cable-and-cam arrangement that sets the RPM at either 2700 RPM for takeoff or 2500 RPM for cruise. Most owners seem to like this arrangement, but for those accustomed to three levers, it takes some getting used to.

What is the difference between SR20 and SR22?

Although the SR20 was no slouch, its 150-ish cruise and limited payload left some buyers wanting. The SR22 scratched that itch. It had a 310-HP Continental IO-500-N, one of Continental’s best-ever powerplants, a three-blade prop and more payload, although the basic airframe is largely the same as the SR20.

What are the disadvantages of the SR-22?

This works well enough in the real world, but has the downside of chewing up brake pads and, in the case of the SR22, leading to several brake-induced fires. This led to an AD requiring periodic O-ring replacement and a brake temperature inspection hole.