Is Airtel Broadband refundable?

Is Airtel Broadband refundable?

The Airtel broadband ARP Plan is being provided by Airtel broadband to any customer who wish to avail Airtel’s DSL services. The payment for the plan is an upfront payment and will not be refunded incase the customer cancels the connection before the maturity of the agreed tenure.

How can I partner with Airtel?

Steps to complete the Online Registration Form:

  1. Read the ‘How to register’ contents.
  2. Read and accept the Business Code of Conduct Guidelines.
  3. Fill in all the details on the one time registration form on the website.
  4. Fill in the financial details along with attachments which is mandatory.

Does Airtel fiber provide Netflix?

Airtel Xstream Fiber has started offering complimentary Netflix subscriptions with its Airtel Professional Broadband plan and Airtel Infinity Broadband Plan. Notably, the Netflix basic plan costs ₹199 per month and the Netflix premium plan costs ₹649 per month.

How do I complain to Airtel distributor?

Steps to Log a Grievance

  1. Go to Grievances tab and from there Create New Grievance.
  2. Fill in the supplier site name (this information is important), nature of grievance, title and details with expected resolution details.
  3. Now select the bharti SCM employee to whom you would like to address the grievance.

Is router free with Airtel fiber?

All the Airtel Broadband connections come with the free wifi router and therefore the customers can use it wirelessly.

Can I return Airtel fiber?

They are required to pay a refundable security deposit of Rs 1,500 for the box. Airtel will refund the security deposit, subjected if the customers return the STB after 12 months in good condition. If a customer returns the STB in less than 12 months, then the Rs 1,500 security deposit will not be given back.

What is Airtel Mitra?

To do so, Airtel has brought a major update to their partner app called ‘Mitra’. In the recent update to the app, Airtel has added several new features and significantly changed the user interface in a more responsive way. Now, the retailers can manage their accounts and recharge a number in few taps.

Is Airtel TV Free with Airtel fiber?

Airtel announces new Xstream Fiber broadband plans, now offers free TV and Netflix with them.

How do I escalate Airtel broadband complaints?

If the resolution provided for the complaint is not satisfactory, then you may choose to file an Appeal with the Appellate Authority either directly to the Appellate Authority through email or facsimile or post or in person, or through the Consumer Care Number of the complaint centre.

How do I become an MTN distributor?

The basic requirements to become an MTN agent in Nigeria would be the possession of at least a computer system, a good mobile phone, and internet connectivity. You also need a structure to serve as a physical office.

What is Telecom agent?

Telecom agents are independent consultants who help you navigate the telecom / IT infrastructure purchase process from beginning to end. They’ll take in your needs, find carriers that meet them, request quotes, and then help you manage implementation once you’ve signed paperwork.

What is a Lapu number?

Lapu recharge where Lapu means Local area payment unit. Lapu recharge is the traditional way to recharge that is and was related with every recharge user. Lapu recharge means recharge is done through LAPU SIM, all the recharge like DTH, data card, Mobile prepaid/postpaid recharge are done with Lapu sim.

What is Mitra app?

MITRA- Mobile Initiated Tracking & Rescue Application is an android application to ensure women safety in times of distress. It is like an SOS customized especially for the Puducherry region. If you find yourself in an emergency situation, you simply need to long press the audio button of your mobile.

Is Netflix free on Airtel xstream?

Airtel announces new Xstream Fiber broadband plans, now offers free TV and Netflix with them – Technology News.