Is Ajmal a luxury brand?

Is Ajmal a luxury brand?

Coming from humble beginnings in Assam, India, Ajmal Perfumes is today a luxury perfumery brand to reckon with.

What is the best perfume in Ajmal?

Top 10 Ajmal Perfumes

Ajmal Jewel of India Mukhallat CP for Men And WoMen, 10 ml Rs.1,000
Ajmal Shadow Her Edp 75ml Rs.8,168
Ajmal Jade Deodorant for Women 150ml Rs.225
Ajmal Expedition EDP – 100 ml (For Men) Rs.1,000

Is Ajmal Indian brand?

Saurav Bhattacharya [SB]: Ajmal has Indian origins, but in 1976, Haji Ajmal Ali moved the company’s headquarters to Dubai, UAE, and opened the first Ajmal outlet there.

Is Badruddin Ajmal owner of Ajmal perfumes?

Career. The son of the founder of Ajmal Perfumes, he established the All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) in 2005. He is also the president of the Assam State Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind.

Where are Ajmal perfumes made?

Ajmal Patchouli Wood EDP 100ml Woody Perfume for Unisex – Made in Dubai.

What does Ajmal mean?

More beautiful
Muslim Baby Names Meaning: In Muslim Baby Names the meaning of the name Ajmal is: The total. More beautiful.

Which is Ajmal best Attar?

Ajmal Attar

  • Bestseller. Ajmal MUSK ROSE Floral Attar. Floral. 4.2. (1,957) ₹405. ₹750.
  • Ajmal KHOFOOQ FOR UNISEX Floral Attar. Floral. 4.4. (516) ₹864. ₹1,600. 46% off.
  • Ajmal MUKHALLAT AL WAFA Floral Attar. Woody. (2,243) ₹405. ₹750. 46% off.
  • Ajmal Mukhallat Khas 100ml Floral Attar. Floral. 4.1. (322) ₹810. ₹1,500.

Which perfume brand is best in India?

List of Top Best Perfume Brands in India

  1. Fogg. Fogg is one of the Brand from VINI.
  2. Nivea. – Advertisement –
  3. Engage. ITC has launched Engage Cologne Sprays – a range of exquisite Colognes for men and women.
  4. Park Avenue. Park Avenue is one the top perfume brands in India.
  5. Axe.
  6. Wild Stone.
  7. Denver.

Which perfume smell is best in India?

Best Perfumes for Women in India (June 2022)

  • Best Overall – NIKE Purple Woman EDT.
  • Best Budget – Engage W2 Perfume Spray For Women.
  • Best Freshness – Secret Temptation Romance Eau De Parfum for Women.
  • Best Scent – Bella Vita Organic Woman Perfume Gift Set for Women.

How old is Badruddin Ajmal?

72 years (February 12, 1950)Badruddin Ajmal / Age

Is Ajmal cruelty free?

You can shop online for vegan, organic, cruelty-free, natural, ayurvedic, and chemical-free skin care products and beauty products online on LBB. Shop for face lotions, body cream & butter, soaps & shampoos, hair care products, hair oils, face serums, body lotions, makeup products such as lipsticks and eyeliners.

Which is the long lasting perfume from Ajmal?

Ajmal SONNET EDP Long Lasting Scent Spray Online Exclusive Made i……Ajmal OATH HER EDP LONG LASTING SCENT SPRAY- Made in Dubai Eau de Parfum – 100 ml (For Women)

Fragrance Classification Eau de Parfum
Country of Origin UAE

Is Ajmal a girl or boy name?

The name Ajmal is primarily a male name of Arabic origin that means More Beautiful.

Is Ajmal a Sikh name?

People with name Ajmal are usually Muslim by religion.

How do I contact Ajmal Foundation?


  1. ADDRESS Haji Mofassil Ali Complex, Hojai, Assam – 782435.
  2. EMAIL ID [email protected].
  3. EMAIL ID [email protected].
  4. PHONE NO 03674-254786,254928.

What Ajmal means?

What is Ajmal English?

Save to list. Boy. Derived from Arabic word meaning most handsome.