Is Alfa Romeo 159 a classic?

Is Alfa Romeo 159 a classic?

The 159 built on a different platform to the 156 and full of late 2000’s design cues it was a stunning car of its time, with a beautiful interior including nostalgic design elements. With only 8000 left on the road the numbers are slowly decreasing, for its looks alone this will be a future classic.

What engine does the Alfa Romeo 159 have?


Model Engine Power
Petrol engines
1.9 JTS I4 160 PS (118 kW; 158 hp) at 6,500 rpm
2.2 JTS I4 185 PS (136 kW; 182 hp) at 6,500 rpm
3.2 V6 JTS Q4 V6 260 PS (191 kW; 256 hp) at 6,200 rpm

Who started Alfa Romeo?

Nicola Romeo
Alexandre DarracqUgo Stella
Alfa Romeo/Founders

Does the Alfa Romeo 159 have Turbo?

It has a brand-new turbocharged 1742cc four-cylinder petrol engine that pumps a healthy 197bhp and 236lb ft to the front wheels, making this the fastest 159 you can buy after the 3.2 JTS V6. And sure enough it feels rapid from behind the wheel, with Alfa quoting 7.7sec to 62mph and a 147mph top speed.

Is Alfa Romeo a Ferrari?

Ferrari doesn’t own Alfa Romeo; in fact, they are currently owned by FIAT Chrysler.

Do Alfa Romeo have V8?

Using turbocharged V6 engine blocks, brands such as Alfa Romeo can meet, and even exceed, the performance standards of modern V8s while being more cost-effective for the average driver. And with the Quadrifoglio, Alfa Romeo continues to redefine what success looks like for European luxury automakers.

What kind of car is the Alfa Romeo 159 Sportwagon?

Sportwagon in TI trim. The Alfa Romeo 159 (Type 939) is a compact executive car produced by the Italian manufacturer Alfa Romeo between 2005 and 2011.

How much boot space does the Alfa Romeo 159 have?

The Alfa 156, the 159’s predecessor, famously had more boot space in saloon form than estate. The 159 has 445 litres – only 40 more than the four-door, and the luggage bay is a good width and length, with an effective, simple load cover to keep prying eyes at bay, several useful cubby holes and with a ski hatch.

What is an Alfa Romeo Sport Wagon?

European car manufacturers have been building wagons with attitude for years and one of the best exponents has been Alfa Romeo. The Italian company sold a wagon as an adjunct to its 156 range that was so svelte it had less luggage capacity than the sedan. These days, with the 156 replaced by the 159, there are a whole range of Sportwagons.

What are the different trim levels of Alfa Romeo 159?

Alfa Romeo intended for the 159 to compete more directly with BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi by using higher-quality interior materials. Several levels of trim were available depending on the market. Four trim levels namely Progression, Distinctive, Exclusive, and Turismo Internazionale (TI) were generally available.