Is Belkin charger OK for iPhone?

Is Belkin charger OK for iPhone?

Fast charge or easily sync music and photos to your iPhone® or iPad® with the reliable and MFi-certified Belkin BOOST↑CHARGE™ USB-C to Lightning Cable, CAA003. When paired with an 18W USB-PD charger, you can charge your iPhone’s battery from 0 to 50% in 30 minutes.

How can I charge my iPhone 5 without a charger?

Almost all electronic devices come with a USB port be it stereos, laptops, bedside clocks, televisions, etc. They can use to charge an iPhone without a charger. Just plug in your iPhone into the USB port of one such device using a USB cable. Switch on the device and see that your iPhone is charging.

Is the iPhone 5 Charger the same as iPhone 7?

Yes – both the USB Power Adapter and Lightning to USB Cable that were supplied with iPhone 5s can also be used to charge iPhone 7.

Is Belkin a reliable charger?

The Belkin Boost Charge 24W is a reliable, no frills car charging solution. Each USB port provides 12W, the same as the standard USB-A iPad charger from Apple. The device functions as expected and I have no qualms with recommending it.

Is Belkin a good brand for iPhone?

* Belkin is a trusted brand. They generally make good stuff. * The price of this cable was lower due to the color (black). * Other reviews were favorable overall.

Is the charger the same for all iPhones?

Newer iPhones don’t include a power adapter but still come supplied with a Lightning to USB-C cable. This means you may have to buy your own USB-C power adapter to charge your new iPhone. You may also need to buy a new cable if the one that comes with your iPhone doesn’t match the power adapter you already have.

Is Belkin a Chinese company?

Belkin is an American consumer electronics and networking company headquartered in El Segundo , California. It produces mobile and computer connectivity devices and peripherals for consumer and commercial use.

Is Belkin high quality?

Over the past 30 years, Belkin has become the #1 global leader in cables and connectivity. We’ve earned this reputation through rigorous design and engineering, maintaining the highest quality standards in our manufacturing processes and always working to achieve and maintain high customer satisfaction.

Does iPhone 5 have Lightning connector?

The Lightning connector is used for the iPhone 5, the fifth-generation iPod touch, and seventh-generation iPod Nano.