Is Christian Bale the best Batman?

Is Christian Bale the best Batman?

Fans have continued to show support for Bale, with the actor even being voted the best Batman in a poll this year from GameSpot. Out of more than 290,000 votes, Bale received 66% of the support as the best Batman against competitors Ben Affleck, Adam West, and Michael Keaton.

Is Christian Bale a good actor?

Bale has garnered four Academy Award nominations, including two in the Best Actor category for his work in American Hustle and Vice (2018) as well as two in the Best Supporting Actor category for his work in The Fighter (2010) and The Big Short; he won one for The Fighter.

Will Christian Bale play Batman again?

He seems pretty dead-set on not coming back. A few years back, Warner Bros. offered both Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan the chance to return for a fourth Batman film, but the two refused. Nolan turning down the offer is much less surprising and fairly on-brand for him.

Who is better Bale or Dicaprio?

Originally Answered: who is the better actor Leonardo dicaprio or Christian bale? Overall Christian Bale is better than DeCaprio. Bale’s trasformations between films and roles ( Machinist to Dark Knight to Fighter to American Hustle) , both size wise and acting wise is Phenominal.

Was Empire of the Sun a true story?

And even though Empire of the Sun was a fictional novel, there’s some real history in there as it was based on J. G. Ballard’s own experience as he grew up in the Shanghai International Settlement during Japanese occupation.

What is Christian Bale famous for?

Christian Bale’s commitment to his film roles is nearly unmatched. The Oscar-winner has been known to indulge in extensive research to fit in the shoes of his characters. Apart from that, as many know, Bale is willing to morph his body to any size for

Why was Christian Bale arrested?

Christian Bale Bale stirred controversy in February of 2009 after TMZ leaked an audio clip of what sounded like the actor going off on a ballistic tirade on the set of his then-upcoming film

Does Christian Bale have any kids?

Since 2000, Bale has been married to Sibi Blazic, with whom he has two kids, and it’s been a union that the pair have kept extremely private ever since their relationship began. Still, such was the relationship’s celebrity-heavy beginning, we know how it all started.

What religion is Christian Bale?

Faith: Judaism

  • Career: Actor
  • Birthday: January 30,1974
  • Accomplishments: Academy Award Winner
  • Fun Faith Fact!: Played a Catholic priest trapped in China in Flowers of War