Is Four Brothers worth watching?

Is Four Brothers worth watching?

the background details were just fine, with it’s fargoesque winter scenes, flash-backs, chases, and personalities, unexpected turns of events. Four Brothers is an entertaining film for adult audiences and worth a watch.

Is the movie Four Brothers based on a true story?

Four Brothers tells an extremely gritty and heart-wrenching tale. Since the plot is as sad as it is, it’s good news to learn that it’s not based on a true story. According to The Cinemaholic, Four Brothers is loosely based on a 1965 western movie called the Sons of Katie Elder by Henry Hathaway.

What is the movie Four Brothers about?

When an inner-city Detroit foster mother (Fionnula Flanagan) is murdered in a botched holdup, four of her now-grown adopted children suspect it was no random killing. Rising musician Jack (Garrett Hedlund), former-Marine Angel (Tyrese Gibson), hotheaded hockey player Bobby (Mark Wahlberg) and settled-down husband and father Jeremiah (André Benjamin) go on the hunt for neighborhood criminal kingpin Victor Sweet (Chiwetel Ejiofor) while being trailed themselves by the local beat cops.Four Brothers / Film synopsis

Why did they shoot the mom in Four Brothers?

Four Brothers(2005) Jerry’s business is the reason why she was killed. Jerry told a local crime figure, Victor Sweet, to stay away from his business. The mother went down and raised hell with the councilman and the police.

Can kids watch four brothers?

A rowdy, brutal revenge movie — not for kids.

Can kids watch without a paddle?

Without a paddle has a lot of bad language for a PG-13, a lot of strong sexual references for a PG-13, and alot of drinking, smoking and marijuana for a PG-13. Without a Paddle is rated R.

What happened to Jack in Four Brothers before he was adopted?

Jack grew up without parents and went into foster care. The foster families treated him bad and hardly gave him anything to eat. Thus, he started to steal in case he would end up on the dangerous streets again.

Who was the killer in Four Brothers?

Victor Geofferey more commonly know by his street name, Victor Sweet, is the man who hired the two robbers who robbed the store then they also killed Evelyn Mercer.

Who was responsible for the death of the Four Brothers Why?

Yaksha was the owner of the pool. The four brothers of Yudhishthira died because they did not heed the words of Yaksha.

Did four brothers win any awards?

BET Award for Best Actress
BET Award for Best ActorNAACP Image Award for Outstanding Directing in a Motion Picture
Four Brothers/Awards

Why is four brothers Rated R?

What Parents Need to Know. Parents need to know that the movie features relentless violence and harsh, action-hero language (repeated uses of “f–k” in jest and malice). The mother’s murder is made visible on a convenience store video tape, with cuts to the brothers’ horror and grief.

Why is Monster in Law Rated PG-13?

Parents need to know that this film includes some loud displays of drunkenness and physical violence, framed as comedy (including Jane Fonda slamming Jennifer Lopez’s head onto a table).

What are the four skills learned by the Four Brothers?

Each one met a man and was persuaded to learn the trade of the man whom he had met. In this manner, the oldest son became a thief, the second an astronomer, the third a huntsman, the fourth a tailor.

Who killed the mom on Four Brothers?

The brothers track down the pair of hired guns who shot and killed Evelyn, and after refusing to give up any information, the two hitmen are executed by the enraged Bobby and Angel. The next day, Detroit Police Lieutenant Green and Detective Fowler confront the brothers about the murders.

What happened to Jack in four brothers?

As for the life insurance, Jeremiah explains that the money went directly to him for his daughters, because he paid all of Evelyn’s bills while the other brothers were not around. Sweet’s men attack the brothers; Jack is shot and mortally wounded during the attack and subsequent gunfight.

Why was Evelyn Mercer murdered?

He sent gangsters to kill Evelyn Mercer for interfering with Sweet’s plans and later humiliates one of his men, Evan, by forcing him to eat his dinner off of the floor simply for trying to eat amongst Sweet’s speech, he also forces Evan’s wife to join him when she called Victor out on it.

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Can kids watch Monster in Law?

What is your review of four brothers?

“Four Brothers” is an excellent tale of revenge. John Singleton triggers his shotgun everywhere, showing corruption in the Legislative Assembly and in the Police Force of Department of Detroit. This film is attractive since the very beginning and does not lose the pace.

Who are the actors in the movie four brothers?

The Brothers Four: Andre Benjamin, Garrett Hedlund, Mark Wahlberg and Tyrese Gibson in “Four Brothers.” John Singleton ‘s “Four Brothers” is an urban Western, or maybe it’s an urban movie inspired by a Western; either way, it’s intended to be more mythic than realistic.

How does four brothers work as an urban thriller?

“Four Brothers” works as an urban thriller, if not precisely as a model of logic. There is, for example, a bloody and extended gun battle involving hundreds of rounds of machine-gun bullets and a stack of dead bodies, and afterwards a cop observes “it looks like self-defense.”

What do you think about the movie The brothers?

The only performance that kind of works is the one from Chiwetel Ejiofor as the central bad guy. The brothers take a few moments in reflective nostalgia, then springboard into a film of head banging revenge. An over-violent and under-sincere story that strays from justice past revenge and into mindless vigilantism.