Is Gautam Kitchlu married?

Is Gautam Kitchlu married?

Kajal AggarwalGautam Kitchlu / Spouse (m. 2020)Kajal Aggarwal is an Indian actress and model who mainly appears in Telugu and Tamil language films, in addition to a few Hindi films. Aggarwal has worked in more than 50 films and received two South Indian International Movie Awards.
Aggarwal made her acting debut with the 2004 Hindi film Kyun! Wikipedia

What does Gautam Kitchlu do?

Gautam Kitchlu is an Indian Businessman, Entrepreneur, and Tech Professional who has a net worth of $8 Million. He is known for being the husband of Indian film actress Kajal Aggarwal. He is also an interior designer by profession and owns an interior decoration company, “Discern Living” since 2015.

What language does Kajal Aggarwal speak?

Kajal Aggarwal/Languages

How did Kajal Agarwal get into movies?

She’s worked with some of biggest stars in Tollywood and when she made her debut in Singham opposite Ajay Devgn, she made Bollywood sit up and take notice too. My getting into films was totally by chance. I was in my last year of BMM and was interning with a company when I got an offer to do a Tamil-Telugu film.

Is Kajal kitchlu pregnant?

Kajal Aggarwal and Gautam Kitchlu are expecting their first child, he has announced on social media. Taking to his Instagram handle on Saturday, Gautam shared a picture of Kajal with the caption “Here’s looking at you 2022”. What got the fans’ attention was the emoji of a pregnant woman following the caption.

How did Kajal and Gautam Kitchlu meet?

They met through common friends a decade ago. “Gautam and I dated for about three years, and then we were friends for seven. We have progressed in every stage of being friends and been very important in each other’s lives,” said Kajal Aggarwal in an interview to the Vogue.

Who are kitchlu caste?

Kichlu (Kashmiri: किचलू (Devanagari), کچلو (Nastaleeq)) or Kitchlew is a Kashmiri Pandit sub-caste in the Kashmir region of India and Pakistan. The Kichlu are both Hindu and Muslim.

Is Kajal Aggarwal vegetarian?

As far as her eating habits are concerned, Kajal simply avoids white rice. Her obsession with fitness made her turn into a vegetarian. She carries her utensils and packed lunch so she can follow her diet every day and not go astray. She eats fresh fruits and salads to maintain her figure.

Is Kajal pregnant in real life?

Kajal Aggarwal announced her pregnancy recently and has been treating fans with cute pictures and videos. The actress will be welcoming her child in a few months.

Who is Kajal Aggarwal best friend?

However, that’s not the case with Kajal Aggarwal. The ‘Magadheera’ actress is a very good friend of Tamannaah Bhatia. In fact, there have been instances where Kajal’s pictures with Tamannaah have gone viral on social media. On the other hand, Kajal is good friends with Samantha Akkineni too.

Who is Gautam Kitchlu Wikipedia?

Gautam Kitchlu is an Indian businessman who is the founder of Discern Living, a home decor and interior designing company in Mumbai, Maharashtra. He came into limelight after getting married to the Bollywood celebrity Kajal Aggarwal on 30 October 2020.

Which caste is Dhar?

The caste name is shared among both Hindus and Muslims. The Dhar surname is a Kashmiri caste name, derived from an honorific name Dara given to a village head, strongman or a warlord of a smaller jagir (estate). Dara is pronounced as Dhara.

When did Kajal announced her pregnancy?

Speculation about the actress’s pregnancy began in October 2021 and was confirmed on New Year’s Day 2022 with the actress announcing her pregnancy. Kajal has been giving a sneak peak to her parenthood journey on her social media accounts since she announced her pregnancy in January.

How did Kajal and Gautam kitchlu meet?

Who is best friend of Tamanna?

She also said that she talks about life in general and also asks some very big questions of life. Tamannaah calls Shruti Haasan her best friend.