Is Kate Argent a Jaguar?

Is Kate Argent a Jaguar?

Kate was a member of a group of Werewolf Hunters. She is currently a Werejaguar.

What species was Kate Argent?


Kate Argent
Species: Werejaguar
Alignment: Bad
Affiliations: Hunters

Who turn Kate Argent into a Werejaguar?

In Season 1, Kate was killed by Peter Hale, then an alpha, ripping out her throat with his claws. The transformation took place, and Kate’s body began to heal, then she revived as a new werejaguar instead of a werewolf presumably because of her sadistic personality.

Does Kate Argent become a werewolf?

In a surprise twist, Kate ultimately turned into a Werejaguar instead of a Werewolf, and a fellow Hunter family known as the Calaveras, who have charged themselves with upholding the Hunter Code, captured Kate and attempted to force her to kill herself before Kate’s first full moon as a supernatural creature, as per …

How is Kate A Werejaguar?

Though Kate died, his claws slashed her throat so deeply that he inadvertently caused her to transform into a Werejaguar, with the impending full moon enhancing her healing ability enough to come back to life so she could finish her transformation.

Why is Kate Argent’s eyes green?

The only known full-blooded Werejaguar, Kate Argent, can change her eye’s appearance from their human green color to a glowing bright shade of jade green when she identifies herself as supernatural, loses control over her transformation due to overwhelming emotions or the full moon, or when she is tapping into her …

Why was Kate A Werejaguar?

Why did Kate become a Jaguar?

Did Kate and Derek sleep together?

Early Life. When Kate was younger, Derek fell in love with her. They were sleeping together. Kate was doing this because she wanted him to give up information on his family.

Why is Kate a jaguar in Teen Wolf?

Why is Kate A were Jaguar?

How is Kate A were Jaguar?

Why is Kate’s eyes green?

Why is Kate A Werejaguar?

How old was Derek Hale when he dated Kate?

around sixteen years old
Derek met Kate when he was around sixteen years old, a short time after he was forced to mercy-kill his high school sweetheart Paige Krasikeva after she rejected an Alpha’s Bite, while he was still in high school.

Why is Malia a Werecoyote?

Malia was born to the Werewolf Peter Hale and the Werecoyote assassin Corinne, inheriting her mother’s Werecoyote genes and unintentionally taking a portion of her mother’s power at birth.

Why does Kate turn into a Werejaguar?

Can Kate Argent control the werejaguars?

The former Huntress turned Werejaguar, Kate Argent, who is also known by the nicknames “La Loba” or “The Bone Woman,” was not only able to control the Berserkers, but she was able to create them as well, as evidenced when she turned Scott McCall, a True Alpha Werewolf, into a Berserker, though this transformation was temporary.

What happened to Kate Argent?

The gravestone reads “KATHERINE ARGENT 1983-2011” The night Kate came to town she was chased by the Alpha Werewolf, shot Derek Hale with a wolfsbane tipped bullet and forced Scott into an awkward dinner with Allison’s parents. ( Read More… )

Is Kate a werejaguar?

She is currently a Werejaguar . Kate was raised to hunt werewolves and taught her families 400 year history but she had no respect for the code by which the hunters were supposed to operate.

Is Kate Argent related to Chris Argent?

Kate, just like her older brother Chris Argent, was raised into the world of hunting supernatural creatures. However, unlike her brother, Kate allowed her father, Gerard Argent, to get into her head and manipulate her like they both would do years later with Allison Argent.