Is Katyusha Russian Girls und Panzer?

Is Katyusha Russian Girls und Panzer?

Katyusha (Катюша, Kachūsha), also known as “Drifting Snow” Katyusha, is one of the supporting characters of Girls und Panzer.

How old is Erwin Girls und Panzer?

Erwin (エルヴィン Eruvin)

Age 18
Status Alive
Team Team C – Hippo Team Team F – unnamed team (temporarily)
Tank StuG III Renault B1 BIS (temporarily,team f)

Are there any males in Girls und Panzer?

Because tankery is seen as a feminine sport, there are not many male players. There are possibly some, but the overwhelming majority is female as many areas would not have enough interested guys to form a team.

How old is Miho Girls und Panzer?

Miho Nishizumi (西住 みほ Nishizumi Miho)

Miho Nishizumi
Age 10 (Little Army) 16 (Anime)
Status Alive
Team Team A-Angler Team/Anko Team
Tank PZKPFW IV (present before finals, Ooarai Girl’s Academy) PZKPFW IV Schmalturm(present during finals, Ooarai Girl’s Academy) Tiger I (past,Black Forest Peak) PZKPFW IV (little army)

How strong is Katyusha?

Originally designed as a cheap ad hoc alternative to conventional artillery, the truck-mounted 132-mm Katyusha launcher could fire as many as four-dozen warheads distances of more than six miles (9 km) in a single ten-second burst.

What is Katyusha?

Noun. Katyusha (plural Katyushas) A type of artillery rocket launcher consisting of an array of rockets mounted on a truck, originated in the Soviet Union.

What tank does Youko use?

They make use of several T-34/76 and T-34/85 medium tanks, but also use heavy tanks like the IS-2 and KV-2.

When was Yukari Akiyama born?

June 6
Yukari’s birthday is June 6, the same date in 1944 as the start of Operation Overlord, commonly known as D-Day, the Allied invasion of Normandy.

How old is Yukari in Girls und Panzer?

Yukari Akiyama (秋山 優花里 Akiyama Yukari)

Yukari Akiyama
Kanji Name 秋山 優花里
Romaji Name Akiyama Yukari
Gender Female
Age 16

Who dies GuP?


  • Carl and Ellie’s Baby – Died in a miscarriage off-screen.
  • Ellie Fredricksen – Died of old age.
  • Unnamed Surveyor – Killed by Charles Muntz.
  • Unnamed Botanist – Killed by Charles Muntz.
  • Unnamed Explorer – Killed by Charles Muntz.
  • 14 Dogs – Accidentally fell into a river and presumably drowned.

Why is Katyusha short for?

Katusha or Katyusha is a diminutive of the Russian name Ekaterina or Yekaterina, the Russian form of Katherine or Catherine.

How tall is Lazengann?

Standing 14cm tall to the tip of its horn, Lazengann boasts an impressive 38 points of articulation, including 11 Revolver joints! It comes packed with two long-range attack drills, an abdomen part, two pairs of optional hands, and a display base with joint arm to assist with dynamic poses.

What tank does Miho use?

Tiger I
Kuromorimine managed to reach the finals, where they faced Pravda, and Miho, who by this time was the team’s vice-commander, was given the command of the flag tank, a Tiger I.

Who made GuP?

Girls und Panzer (Japanese: ガールズ&パンツァー, Hepburn: Gāruzu ando Pantsā, with the part in German translated: “Girls and Tanks”), abbreviated as GuP or Garupan (ガルパン), is a Japanese anime franchise created by Actas which depicts a competition between girls’ high schools practicing tank warfare as a sport.

How many girls und Panzers are there?

A total of 16 volumes were published in Japan from February 23, 2015, to April 23, 2021. A spin-off of the series by Saitaniya taking place after the practice match of Ōarai Girls’ Academy with St. Gloriana Girls’ College, titled Girls und Panzer: Fierce Fight!

Are there deaths in Girls und Panzer?

No one dies in the entire series and it would be weird to make a cute girls doing cute stuff anime get bloody and tragic.

Who is Erwin in Girls und Panzer?

Erwin (エルヴィン, Eruvin), real name Riko Matsumoto (松本 里子, Matsumoto Riko ), is the Tank Commander and radio operator of the Hippo Team ‘s German Sturmgeschütz III and one of the supporting protagonists of Girls und Panzer . Erwin is a second-year student from Ooarai Girls High School.

When did Girls und Panzer come out in Japan?

Girls und Panzer: This Is the Real Anzio Battle was released in Japan on July 5, 2014, simultaneously in theaters and several paid online distribution services. The OVA grossed over $300 thousand at the Japanese box office and was nominated for an award at Newtype Anime Awards .

What episode does the Girls und Panzer OVA take place?

Set during the seventh episode of Girls und Panzer (2012), the OVA follows the full tank match between Ōarai Girls’ Academy and Anzio High School led by Anchovy (Yoshioka). The production of the OVA was announced in April 2013.