Is Lindsey Depaul still alive?

Is Lindsey Depaul still alive?

October 1, 2014Lynsey de Paul / Date of death

How old is Lindsay Depaul?

66 years (1948–2014)Lynsey de Paul / Age at death

Who did Lynsey de Paul date?

De Paul never married but was romantically linked to a string of well-known men including Sean Connery, Dudley Moore and Ringo Starr. An interview with the Mail in 2007 revealed she had five offers of marriage, including one from James Coburn and another from Chas Chandler, bassist with The Animals.

Who did Lynsey de Paul live with?

Even the love of her life, Hollywood actor James Coburn, threatened her with violence during the four years they lived together in the late Seventies.

Where is Lynsey de Paul buried?

Celebrity guests including Esther Rantzen and Tom Conti were among hundreds of mourners who turned out for singer-songwriter Lynsey De Paul’s funeral today. The Eurovision star, who passed away last Wednesday of a suspected sudden brain haemorrhage, was buried at Hendon cemetery and crematorium in London.

Where was Lynsey de Paul born?

Southwark, London, United KingdomLynsey de Paul / Place of birth

Where is Lynsey de Paul now?

Singer-songwriter Lynsey de Paul has died of a suspected brain haemorrhage aged 64 after complaining of severe headaches. The star had a number of top 20 hits and represented the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1977. De Paul died in a London hospital on Wednesday, her agent confirmed.

Is Lynsey Paul dead?

Where did Lynsey de Paul live?

LondonLynsey de Paul / Places lived

How tall is Lynsey Paul?

5′ 0″Lynsey de Paul / Height

Who is Lynsey de Paul?

“Lynsey de Paul: A gritty and determined star who penned a string of hits and won two Ivor Novello awards”. The Independent. Independent Print Limited. Retrieved 20 April 2016. ^ “Hitmaker who became kung fu queen is not so rock ‘n’ roll”.

What was Lynsey de Paul’s cause of death?

Lynsey de Paul passed away in 2014 at 66, following a suspected brain hemorrhage, The Daily Mail reported.

Would Lynsey de Paul regret having an affair with Sean Connery?

One of Sean Connery’s most “famous” trysts was with pop singer and songwriter Lynsey de Paul (above). According to The Evening Standard, their affair lasted for several months in 1989 while he was married to Roquebrune. Keep reading for more on why Lynsey de Paul would later regret her romance with Sean Connery.

Who won the 2015 Lynsey de Paul Prize?

The 2015 winner of the prize was Emma McGrath, who was presented with the award at an event celebrating the life of Lynsey de Paul, hosted by Esther Rantzen. McGrath later said in an interview with Women’s Music News “…I was 15 and I won the Lynsey de Paul Prize.