Is McCabe an Irish name?

Is McCabe an Irish name?

The surnames McCabe and MacCabe (/məˈkeɪb/ muh-KAYB) are Irish and Scottish surnames. McCabes are considered to have settled in Ireland from the Western Isles of Scotland sometime around 1350.

What does the McCabe Crest mean?

Search. The Irish and Scottish surname McCabe, is an anglicized form of the Gaelic name Mac Cába meaning “son of Cába,” a nickname or personal name deriving from the Gaelic word for a cape. In the Middle Ages Irish chieftains imported fighting men from Scotland to augment their forces.

Where in Ireland are McCabe from?

General information: The McCabes came to Ireland from Scotland during the 14 century as mercenaries for the O’Reilly and the O’Rourke clans in County Cavan. McCabes received lands in recognition for their work holding back English soldiers. They lost their lands in Co Cavan after the Battle of Aughrim in 1691.

What country does the name McCabe come from?

Scottish and Irish (Cavan): Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Cába ‘son of Cába’, a nickname or personal name of uncertain origin.

Is there a McCabe tartan?

Yes. The McCabe (2016) tartan is not to be woven by any one individual or Weaving Mill without written permission from the copyright designer. To seek and/or obtain permission to weave this tartan – please email the copyright designer with the Weaving Mill’s name, address, contact name & email details.

How many people have the last name McCabe?

In the United States, the name McCabe is the 1,200th most popular surname with an estimated 24,870 people with that name. However, in Australia, the name McCabe is ranked the 717th most popular surname with an estimated 5,436 people with that name.

Is MacCabee a Scottish name?

The Clan from whom the MacCabee family descends began among the ancient Dalriadan kingdom of the west coast of Scotland. Their name comes from the Gaelic form Mac-Aba, which means son of the Abbot.

What does the name Maccabee mean?

the hammer
The name Maccabee was a personal epithet of Judah, and the later generations were not his direct descendants. One explanation of the name’s origins is that it derives from the Aramaic maqqəḇa, “the hammer”, in recognition of Judah’s ferocity in battle.

What tribe was Maccabees?

Read a brief summary of this topic. Maccabees, also spelled Machabees, (flourished 2nd century bce, Palestine), priestly family of Jews who organized a successful rebellion against the Seleucid ruler Antiochus IV and reconsecrated the defiled Temple of Jerusalem.

Is Maccabees in the King James Bible?

The Book of Maccabees used to be in the King James Bible and others but was removed. It is now part of the Apocrypha.