Is Pangasius hypophthalmus safe to eat?

Is Pangasius hypophthalmus safe to eat?

It is important to state that in the vast majority of imported Panga no toxic compounds can be found at all. Based on our study we conclude that consumption of pangasius available on the European market does not pose any concern for the health of the consumer.

What kind of fish is Pangasius hypophthalmus?

iridescent shark catfish
The iridescent shark, iridescent shark catfish (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus) is a species of shark catfish (family Pangasiidae) native to the rivers of Southeast Asia. Despite its name, it is not a shark.

Is Pangasius hypophthalmus healthy?

Pangasius is a healthy choice for families and particularly for people who pay special attention to a healthy diet. Some characteristics: a source of Omega 3. rich in protein.

Are fish from Vietnam safe to eat?

Swai fish has a mediocre nutritional profile and may best be avoided. It’s imported from densely-packed fish farms where chemicals and antibiotics are used in excess, causing water pollution and health concerns. It’s sometimes mislabeled and sold as higher-value fish.

Is Pegasus fish safe to eat?

Continuous consumption of pangasius exposes to dangerous mercury levels. The pangasius, originally from Vietnam, is one of the most consumed fish in the world for its low cost, mild flavor and fillet presentation without skin or thorns. It is especially requested in school canteens and senior centers.

Is pangasius poisonous?

Media reports that pangasius is ‘highly toxic’ are completely unfounded.

Can we eat pangasius fish?

Pangasius is just like most other fish types one of the healthiest food existing. It is a very good source of proteins and contains many vitamins and minerals. This is why we are recommended to eat a piece of fish at least twice a week.

Is farmed fish from Vietnam safe?

Some studies have found that imported catfish — including basa fish — from Vietnam have not met international standards for safety. In fact, fish from Vietnam were more likely to contain traces of veterinary drugs, including antibiotics, in concentrations exceeding legal limits ( 21 ).

Are farm raised fish from Vietnam safe?

Is seafood from Vietnam safe?

A 2015 Consumer Reports study found that of 205 imported shrimp samples, 11 from Vietnam, Thailand, and Bangladesh were contaminated with antibiotic residues. Some of these antibiotics have been linked to cancers, while others are illegal to administer to food animals in the United States.

Is pangasius farm raised?

A fecund and fast-growing fish, Pangasius has been farm-raised in the Mekong River Delta in Vietnam since the 1940s.

Is fish good from Vietnam?

Most of the available swai fish come from Vietnam. The reason why swai fish is consumed by many American families is that it does not have a typical fishy taste or smell. It is tasty and takes in the flavor of any dressings or sauce put over it. It is even cheaper than most other fishes.

Are farmed prawns from Vietnam safe?

Farmed shrimp is one of the most popular seafood items in the U.S., however, 71 percent of all farmed shrimp is rated Avoid. In Vietnam, 86 percent of farmed shrimp is currently rated Avoid.

What fish are farmed in Vietnam?

Key aquaculture sectors include pangasius, shrimp, tilapia and increasingly also bivalves and marine fishes such as cobia, seabass and grouper. Aquaculture is concentrated in the Mekong River Delta provinces – accounting for around 75% and 80% respectively of the total national pangasius and shrimp production.

Where is pangasius farmed?

[3] Vietnam is the main producing country, where most farms are located on or near the Mekong Delta. Other countries with notable pangasius farming industries are Thailand, Nepal, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Laos, Myanmar, Indonesia and Cambodia, thanks to their similar tropical climates and water temperatures.

Is fish farmed in Vietnam safe?

Unsafe fish farming practices in Vietnam: Swai fish is not choosy about what they eat. As a result, they have been given leftover foods from restaurants or cheap quality fish food in Vietnam. This can make the swai fish toxic and of substandard quality.

What fish is popular in Vietnam?

Large pelagic species, including members of the Scombridae family of mackerel, tuna and bonitos, black marlin, wahoo, and Indo-Pacific Spanish mackerel, are key species for offshore fishing in Vietnam.

What is the chemical quality of frozen Pangasius hypophthalmusspecimens from Vietnam?

The aim of the present study was to evaluate the chemical quality parameters regarding frozen Pangasius hypophthalmusspecimens from Vietnam. The proximate composition, pH, ammonia, biogenic amines (BAs), total mercury (Hg), malondialdehyde (MDA), and polyphosphate were determined. The moisture, protein, lipid and ash values were between 83. 83–85.

Where is Pangasius hypophthalmus found?

Among farmed fish species, Pangasius hypophthalmus is mainly produced in Asian countries such as Bangladesh, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia and China. Vietnam is the largest Pangas‐producing country (Phan et al. ).

How to decontamination Pangasius hypophthalmus?

Decontamination of Pangasiusfish (Pangasius hypophthalmus) with chlorine or peracetic acid in the laboratory and in a Vietnamese processing company. Int.

Is Pangasianodon hypophthalmus suitable for processing industries?

Rigor index, fillet yield and proximate composition of cultured striped catfish (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus) for its suitability in processing industries in Bangladesh. J. Fish.2:157–162.