Is Rita a mermaid in Mako Mermaids?

Is Rita a mermaid in Mako Mermaids?

Rita Santos is a major supporting character in the series “Mako:Island of Secrets”, portrayed by Kerith Atkinson. Rita was the principal of Suncoast High and also a mermaid but far stronger and much more experienced than either Lyla ,Sirena ,Nixie ,Ondina, Zac, Evie, Mimmi, or Weilan.

Why did Rita leave Mako Mermaids?

But she fell in love with a land person, Harry. She used to sneak off and get legs to spend time with him – until the pod discovered what she was up to. She became an outcast. So Rita made the decision to leave the pod and forget about her mermaid life for herself with Harry amongst the land people.

Is Rita in H2O?

She was portrayed by actress Kerith Atkinson.

Who is the new girl in Mako Mermaids?

Lucy Fry
Lyla is portrayed by Lucy Fry. Lyla is a fiery mermaid, and she’s very determined and passionate. Overtime, Lyla develops romantic feelings for the new merman, Zac. After the first season she went away with Nixie and the pod to find a new home.

How did Erik become a merman?

Powers. Erik possesses the ability to transform into a merman ten seconds after physical contact of water. Several minutes after climbing out of the water and once his body is completely dry, he turns back into a human along with the clothes he was wearing before he transformed.

Does Zac lose his tail?

Although Zac is able to use “Turn the Tide” multiple times, the dragon is completely unfazed. As Evie attempts to help him, she is struck by the dragon’s fire breath and loses her tail and powers in the process.

What episode does Erik reveal his tail?

Obi-Wan Takes the High Ground! – The Loop

“A New Tail”
Season 1, Episode 4
Air Date February 13, 2015
Writer(s) Carine Chai
Director Evan Clarry

Do Erik and Ondina break up?

He attempts to stop it only to fail, but Zac is able to stop it. Afterwards, Erik is full of regret for what he has done and pleas for Ondina’s forgiveness. Unwilling to risk being his “second choice” again, Ondina refuses and breaks up with him.

Do Erik and Ondina get together?

Ondina and Erik later become a couple. He and Ondina spend increasingly more time together and become more and more close to each other.

What episode does Erik kiss Ondina?

First Date

Ondina-Erik Relationship
First Met: The Seventh Cycle
First Kiss: First Date
Started Dating: First Date
Break Up: The Chosen One

Who does Ondina end up with?

After being praised by Veridia, she and the others head to Mako to greet the pod as they return to Mako at last. In season 3, Ondina returns to her mermaid life with Mimmi.

Do Zac’s parents find out he’s a merman?

At the end, Zac decides that he will some day tell his adoptive parents about his merman life, and that Nerissa is his biological mother.

Does Cam ever become a merman?

Cam attempted to take over Mako and become a merman. But was stopped by Zac, Lyla, Sirena and Nixie. Cam likes pancakes.