Is RST forks a good brand?

Is RST forks a good brand?

RSt forks are known to be low quality. The reason why you don’t see many high end bikes with them is it is not the worth the manufacturers money or RST’s money ot make higher end fork, no one wants a RST fork on their 3k rig.

Is RST suspension good?

The RST Stitch Coil is a stout all mountain fork with a stiff chassis and a simple, reliable damper. While it does not rival a top of the line fork in all areas of performance, it is a stand out in the category in terms of stiffness and overall ride characteristics.

Who makes RST suspension?

King Damper Industrial Co., Ltd
King Damper Industrial Co., Ltd, is established in Taiwan to aid in the production of RST disc brakes and suspen sion forks of city bicycles.

Do RST still make Forks?

RST is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of mountain bike suspension forks.

What is a RST fork?

The RST GUIDE suspension fork for fat bikes is our affordable basic suspension fork. The fork comes standard with a straight steerer tube with an optional adapter for tapered headsets. The suspension fork also has a rebound adjustment knob as well as a lockout. Super easy to install and works great.

What is RST fork?

Can you use WD40 on bike forks?

Its not to be used on forks… It will damage the seals… Just used normal warm water to clean the outside then if you can have a tech pop the seals and use a proper fork oil that is synthetic based to lube it…..

How do you remove rust from mountain bike forks?

Removing Minor Rust From Mountain Bike Forks

  1. Put the white vinegar in a container.
  2. Get some aluminum tin foil or a sponge and dip it into white vinegar.
  3. Just leave the white vinegar on the rust for about 10 to 15 minutes.
  4. Then scrub the offending parts thoroughly until the rust comes off.

Do rst still make Forks?

What psi should my front fork be?

Set up the fork to a pressure where you have between 25%-30% sag. Say, the amount the fork compresses when you get on the bike in normal riding position, has to be like a fourth of the total travel. If your Recon is 130mm travel, it should sink like 36-38mm with your weight on.

Can you use chain oil on forks?

You can also use it to lube the stanchions and dust seals, just lift up the fork boots and spread it on the visible portion of the stanchions above the dust seals and cycle the fork a few times.

Can you use WD-40 on bike forks?

How do you use WD-40 to remove rust?

WD-40 is a great rust remover as it breaks down the bond between the metal and the rust. First, spray the rusted item with WD-40 Multi-Use Product. You will need to ensure that you use enough to soak the area then allow it to sit for 10 minutes. Then use a wire brush to remove the rust from the item.

How much air do I put in fork?

To achieve the best performance from your FOX suspension, adjust the air pressure to attain your proper sag setting. Sag is the amount your suspension compresses under your weight and riding gear. Sag range should be set to 15–20% of total fork travel.