Is setsuna in a relationship with Haruka and Michiru?

Is setsuna in a relationship with Haruka and Michiru?

Canon. Setsuna (Sailor Pluto), Haruka (Sailor Uranus) and Michiru (Sailor Neptune) are Outer Sailor Guardians. While Hotaru and Michiru are a couple, Setsuna started living with them and raising Hotaru (Sailor Saturn) alongside them because of the promise she made to Hotaru’s father, that she would take care of her.

Do Haruka and Michiru love each other?

Haruka and Michiru have more than a very intimate friendship and form a highly empathetic couple. Although their relationship is not implicitly sexual until later in the series, their romantic relationship in all versions of the story is very soon mentioned and understood as such by other characters in the series.

Are Haruka and Michiru cousins?

In North America, the former English dub stated that Haruka and Michiru are cousins, even going so far as to occasionally state this through characters who should not know such information.

Are Haruka and Michiru rich?

Between the race cars, motorcycles, helicopters, violins, and other extravagancies, I’m quite sure we’re all pretty much on the same page that Sailor Moon’s Haruka and Michiru are ridiculously wealthy.

Is Sailor Uranus a boy or girl?

In Sailor Moon Crystal, the most recent anime version for the franchise, Sailor Neptune remarks that Sailor Uranus is both male and female, though the characters do most often reference Haruka as “her” in the English translation. She’s the first non-binary character referenced that way in the Sailor Moon franchise.

Is Sailor Uranus and Neptune dating?

But before that, we get introduced to their glamorous personal life. And, yes, Haruka Tenou and Michiru Kaiou, aka Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune, are definitely a couple. Now none of this is probably a surprise to hardcore Sailor Moon fans.

Why did Uranus kiss Sailor Moon?

The third episode ends with Sailor Uranus kissing Sailor Moon after warning her to not get in her way and to stay out of danger. Many people fail to recognize what this scene was likely trying to convey. It’s immediately clear in this turn of events that Sailor Uranus has a dominant presence over Sailor Moon.

What are Haruka’s pronouns?

In the anime, despite her gender, Haruka always referred to herself with the pronoun “boku” (僕), which is usually only used by males. This, as well as her androgynous looks and penchant for wearing men’s clothing, may explain why many characters thought she was a man when they met her for the first time.

Is Sailor Moon an Lgbtq anime?

Sailor Moon wasn’t the first manga or anime to have queer characters, but was certainly one of if not THE first where they were heroes and role models, and that impact of that legacy cannot be overstated.

Are there any Lgbtq animes?

9 Must-See LGBTQ Anime

  • No. No.
  • Sweet Blue Flowers. Sweet Blue Flowers tells the story of Fumi Manjōme, an introverted, intelligent teenage girl dealing with a bad breakup, and Akira Okudaira, a first-year high school student.
  • Cheeky Angel.
  • Nabari No Ou.
  • Yuri!!!
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena.
  • Citrus.
  • Yuri Kuma Arashi.

Is Uranus a guy or girl?

What did Haruka want to be before she met Michiru?

Before Haruka met Michiru, she wanted to run like the wind… or perhaps be the wind itself. Haruka didn’t want to be tied to a fate of being a Sailor Soldier, in fear that everything will change, including her dreams.

Did Haruka know Michiru was the Sailor Soldier in her dream?

Haruka knew Michiru was the Sailor Soldier in her dream. Some time later, Michiru invited Haruka to see her perform her violin on a cruise. After the show, Michiru confronted Haruka, trying to explain to her their destiny as a Sailor Senshi and the destruction they saw in their dreams, is a reflection of reality.

How did Haruka meet Elza?

Elza was a famous track star in a High School, but she was always in Haruka’s shadow in the races. Standing out amongst the rest, Elza introduced her friend Michiru to Haruka. The moment their eyes locked, they felt something… Haruka was afraid of these sudden emotions, and tried to avoid the situation.