Is the Fender Blues Junior A good amp?

Is the Fender Blues Junior A good amp?

It’s wonderfully balanced and full, and adding effect pedals only enhances its tonal nature. Even more impressive is the fact that its overdriven grind is no longer mushy but growls instead, and a lot of that is its Celestion speaker coaxing the amp for a more controlled response.

Is the Blues Junior good for home use?

But if that isn’t your style then you can also opt for the regular Fender Blues Junior IV in black too. If you’re looking for classic Fender tones on a budget and want to play at lower volumes, then this is one of the best blues amps for home use.

How heavy is a blues Jr?

31.5 lbs.
Weight: 31.5 lbs.

Is a Blues Jr loud enough to gig?

I gig with it all the time, I also play keys in an and where out two guitar players use it at every gig. Never been a problem in terms of loudness, even at festivals. If you need more volume, ask the sound guy for more.

How do you date a Fender Blues Junior?

Dating a Blues Junior Fender adopted a two-letter dating code in 1990. The code can be found on the Quality Assurance label located inside the cabinet. The label is often located on the bottom next to the reverb tank, sometimes it is placed on the side.

When did the Fender Blues Jr come out?

The Blues Junior is a tube guitar amplifier introduced in 1990 by the Fender Musical Instrument Corporation. It is aimed at achieving the warm, tube-driven tone common in many styles of American blues and blues rock dating back to the 1950s, while remaining both portable and affordable.

When did the Fender Blues Junior III come out?

In 2010 Fender updated their line of hot rod model amps and released the “Blues Junior III,” adding many physical changes to the standard black tolex model.

How many watts does a drummer use?

20 to 45 Watts These amplifiers yield enough clean headroom to keep up with most drummers, they can produce nifty speaker breakup with lower-efficiency speakers, and they generate rock-ready power-amp distortion at higher volumes.

What does a Marshall Power Brake do?

The Marshall Power Brake Attenuator is essential for getting an overdriven tone at reasonable volume on vintage amps without a gain knob, for hard-rock studio work, and great for controlling onstage sound in clubs.

How do you install an attenuator on an amp?

To use an attenuator, connect a speaker cable from one of your amp’s speaker outputs to the attenuator’s input, and then connect another speaker cable from the attenuator’s output or through jack to the speaker cabinet’s input jack.

What Speaker is in a Fender Blues Junior?

Eminence Cannabis Rex. The Cannabis Rex was actually a speaker Fender was putting in some limited edition amplifiers for a while there. This is a lower watt speaker but it really makes the Fender Blues Junior come alive. The Cannabis Rex is a very efficient speaker too.

Is a blues Jr loud enough to gig?

How do you date a Blues Junior?