Is the Jamstik good?

Is the Jamstik good?

Jamstik is a great option for anyone looking to learn more about playing guitar or who needs a way to create music without relying on connecting the real instrument to their computer or apps via mobile devices. It’s lightweight and simple to use yet sturdy enough to rely on for daily practice.

What is a Jamstik?

The Jamstik Guitar Trainer is the ultimate, go-anywhere guitar instruction tool bundled with apps and software that take the guesswork out of learning to play. See your fingers on the screen in real-time in an easy to use system that will have you playing your first guitar chords in minutes.

What is the latest Jamstik?

Jamstik 7
Jamstik 7. The Jamstik 7 is now available here on, or from a variety of resellers—you can find them here. At just over 18 inches long, the new design of the Jamstik 7 stays true to the portable size of the jamstik+ while adding more frets for improved playability and ergonomics.

Where are Jamstik guitars made?

Jamstik is a brand of portable, app-connected (MIDI) guitars made by Zivix—a music technology company based in Minneapolis, MN. Jamstik is made in the United States—designed in Minneapolis and manufactured by a South Dakota-based contract manufacturer.

How much is a Jamstik?

Compare with similar items

This item Jamstik Studio MIDI Guitar (White Matte) Jamstik Guitar Trainer
Price $79999 $19999
Sold By Jamstik Jamstik
Body Material Mahogany Plastic
Color White Matte black

Where is Jamstik made?

What is Jamstik guitar?

Jamstik Creator “The Jamstik Studio MIDI Guitar is really more like two guitars in one. It’s a 24-fret electric guitar, but also powered by Jamstik’s signal processing technology & super secret proprietary algorithms.” — Guitar World.

How do you calibrate a Jamstik?

How to do a hard reset of your Jamstik 7

  1. First, make sure that your Jamstik is ‘Powered On’ (the light will be green).
  2. Then, hold down the ‘Power Button’ for 15 seconds.
  3. Next, power the Jamstik back on so it can recalibrate the fretboard.

How do you set up a Jamstik?

Activate Bluetooth on your iPad/iPhone. Launch the Jamstik app and tap “Select a Jamstik”. Select your Jamstik ID from the list. Your unique Jamstik ID is an 8 character code on a sticker on the back of your Jamstik.

Does Jamstik work with Android?

ANDROID STATEMENT: The Jamstiks are class-compliant MIDI controllers, and therefore any platform that provides protocols and infrastructure for our devices will be supported.

How do I connect my Jamstik to WIFI?

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Ensure the battery (batteries) are installed and turn on your Jamstik.
  2. Ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your Apple Device.
  3. Turn on your Jamstik by pressing the power button.
  4. Open the Jamstik App.
  5. Click on, “Select a Jamstik” in the top left corner.
  6. Click your Jamstik ID Number to get connected.

How do you change the string on a Jamstik?

Step-by-step Instructions:

  1. Remove the nut screws with the provided 3mm Allen key.
  2. Grab the magnetic key from the bridge, and loosen the strings.
  3. Clip the end of the old strings.
  4. Gently pull to remove the strings.
  5. Slide the new string in through the nut.

How do you reset a Jamstik 7?

How do you charge a Jamstik?

The jamstik can be charged by connecting the included micro-USB to USB cable from the jamstik to a power source. It should be clarified; that while the jamstik will charge from your laptop or USB hub, it will charge faster with a dedicated wall outlet, while powered OFF.

Can I plug a guitar into a MIDI keyboard?

using MIDI. You can use either hardware or software (or a combination of both) to convert the sound of your guitar to a MIDI signal. This then means you can experiment with different tones and sounds not usually possible on guitar.

Is the Jamstik studio MIDI guitar worth it?

The Jamstik Studio MIDI Guitar is, as the name implies a guitar. But to be clear, if you’re just looking to buy a guitar, there is no reason to get one. It’s serviceable, but nothing special. The mahogany body and rosewood fretboard feel decent enough.

Is Jamstik creator worth it?

As for the Jamstik Creator software, if you’re familiar with Equator from Roli, it’s actually quite similar, although geared toward the Jamstik, obviously. It features a mix of samples and synthesis, and the sound design is excellent. The software itself isn’t particularly deep, but it does the job well enough.

Does Jamstik offer a discount for magnetic readers?

Jamstik has kindly offered Magnetic readers a custom discount code to save 10% on through the month of November. Use the code ‘ Magnetic ‘ at checkout.

What is the Jamstik studio?

The Jamstik Studio is a hybrid of both a full-fledged guitar and an MPE MIDI controller. For those of you unfamiliar with MPE, it stands for MIDI Polyphonic Expression, which essentially allows you to really play a MIDI controller like an actual instrument.