Is the P30 better than the USP?

Is the P30 better than the USP?

With the DA/SA triggers, the P30L is better than the USP, but not as good as the USP match trigger. Rail: the P30L uses a standard rail, while the one on the USP is proprietary, meaning fewer options unless you mount an adapter rail.

What is HK USP Expert?

USP Expert | One of the world’s best target pistols The result is a target pistol with universal application for most of the large bore disciplines of BDS, DSB as well as other unions. With this target pistol, HK meets requirements of the world elite.

What is the difference between HK P30 and P30L?

I have all versions of the P30 and the L is the one I always take to the range. I prefer the longer sight radius and it does have quite a bit less recoil then the standard P30. It’s a joy to shoot. P30L also gives you a longer light rail and is much more balanced in the hand.

Is the P30L good?

The P30 is near the average accuracy with other high-quality pistols like SIGs, Remingtons, etc. At 25 yards I was able to keep my groupings within about 2 inches at the most, being perfectly reasonable for a handgun at this range.

Whats better VP9 or P30?

The HK P30 is hammer-fired while the VP9 is striker-fired, but the differences go much deeper than that….Size.

Metrics HK P30 HK VP9
Height (top of slide to bottom of magazine baseplate) (Inches) 5.34 5.34
Length (Inches) 7.00 7.29
Width of grip (Inches) 1.32 1.26
Width of slide (Inches) 1.13 1.13

Is the P30 a USP?

I did and for me it was the P30L and HK45 hands down over the USP. All are excellent pistols. “The strongest reason for people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”

Whats the difference between HK P30L and P30LS?

P30L: Model in calibre 9 mm x 19 with lengthened slide/barrel without external safety. Available in six variants. Available trigger systems: CDA/DA, CDA, SA/DA, DAO. P30LS: Model in calibre 9 mm x 19 with lengthened slide/barrel and external safety.

Will a P30L fit in a P30 holster?

Since the P30L is longer, I know it won’t fit a holster made for the standard P30.

Whats better VP9 or p30l?

Overall, the HK P30 just seems like a much, much higher-quality pistol. It really sets it above the rest. The HK VP9, on the other hand, seems like just a slightly higher-quality pistol than your typical $500 polymer choice. The frame on the P30 is just excellent and the polymer quality cannot be beaten.