Is there a part 2 to Desperate Housewives?

Is there a part 2 to Desperate Housewives?

Desperate Housewives (season 2)

What happened in season 2 of Desperate Housewives?

Main Plot Points. Susan’s on-again/off-again relationship with Mike and the effects of her ex-husband Karl moving in with Edie. Gabrielle’s husband being placed in jail, her unwanted pregnancy and her subsequent desire to have children. Lynette’s return to work and the effects it has on her home life.

Who held hostage in Desperate Housewives Season 2?

The mystery is solved … sort of. The man locked in the basement of Desperate Housewives newcomer Betty Applewhite (played by Alfre Woodard) is Caleb, an outlaw who may have killed a teenage girl in Chicago.

Does Bree go to jail?

Bree goes to trial but does not tell Trip all the truth, and is about to go to prison until Mrs. McCluskey confesses the murder of Alejandro herself, after Bree and the girls agree to take care of her during her last days of life. Bree is acquitted of all charges.

Does Gabrielle Solis lose her baby?

her first pregnancy ended in miscarriage when she fell down a flight of stairs, Libby Collins, biological mother of her adopted daughter Lily, decided to take her back, The Surrogacy ended in failure, And she let go of her biological daughter Grace Sánchez.

Does Gabrielle marry Victor?

Victor Lang was the Mayor of Fairview, as well as the second husband of Gabrielle Solis.

Who was the rude actress on Desperate Housewives?

“Nicollette pulled me aside and told me that Teri Hatcher was the meanest woman in the world because of how she was acting.” The cast of Desperate Housewives. Image: IMDB. Sheridan’s lawsuit against Cherry was ultimately dismissed.

Who was the most difficult actress on Desperate Housewives?

Eva Longoria She penned in her letter: ‘I dreaded the days I had to go to work with that person because it was pure torture. ‘Until one day, Felicity told the bully “enough” and it all stopped. Felicity could feel that I was riddled with anxiety even though I never complained or mentioned the abuse to anyone.

Does Gabrielle Solis get pregnant?

After Carlos physically forces Gabrielle to sign the documents, she reignites her affair with John. Later, Gabrielle discovers that she is pregnant and is unsure of who the father is. John hopes to help take care of the baby, but Gabrielle tells him she will only acknowledge Carlos as the father.

Why did Edie leave Desperate Housewives?

Sheridan claimed that Cherry struck her in the head and, after she complained about the altercation, wrote her off the show. “I was the victim of assault and battery on the set of Desperate Housewives by the creator of the show, my boss,” Sheridan says. “I reported him and was retaliated against for doing so and fired.

Who didnt get on Desperate Housewives?

Teri Hatcher Teri, 54, didn’t write a letter in support of Felicity during her court case and the simple reason could be that Teri no longer speaks to her co-star. Although they played best friends on the ABC drama, there were always rumours that Teri and her co-stars didn’t always get along.