Is UUM a good university?

Is UUM a good university?


How many staff does UUM have?

UUM will have the combined synergistic strength of 550 lecturers in Arts and Sciences; 500 lecturers in the field of Business; 120 academics in Law, Government and International Studies.

What is so special about UUM?

UUM is famous for its many landscapes and natural beauty. The magnificent panoramic view that mesmerizing the eye plus the green nature and surrounded by a beautiful garden furthermore wildlife habitat as its background as if in a preserve jungle that has long been stored untouched by anyone.

Is UUM Public or private?

It is located in Sintok, Kedah. It is known as a management university. UUM was ranked in the bracket of 591–600 in the QS World University Rankings 2020….Universiti Utara Malaysia.

Universiti Utara Malaysia (Malay)
Motto Ilmu, Budi, Bakti
Motto in English Knowledge, Virtue, Service
Type Public
Established 1984

What is UUM famous for?

How many acres is UUM?

Sintok Campus The main campus is on a 1,061 hectare site in Sintok, Kedah. The campus is 48 km north of Alor Setar and 10 km south of the Bukit Kayu Hitam and are near the Malaysia-Thailand border. Other towns near UUM are Jitra and Changlun.

Which university has the largest campus in Malaysia?

the Universiti Teknologi MARA System
A public university with its main campus located in Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. The Shah Alam campus is the flagship institution of the Universiti Teknologi MARA System, the largest university in Malaysia in terms of size and student enrollment and the only public university carrying out intakes twice a year.

How do I pay my UUM fee?

CIMB CLICKS (ONLINE PAYMENT) Step 1: Select PAY & TRANSFER, PAY BILLS Step 2: To UNIVERSITI UTARA MALAYSIA (UUM) Step 3: Enter the matrix Number and Identity Card/Passport No. Step 4: Select Payment Type (Debt/Fee), Enter Amount Step 5: Click “Make Payment” and continue. Keep proof of payment.

What is the first private University in Malaysia?

Monash has a total of 5 branches, 4 in Australia and 1 in Malaysia. The Malaysian campus was opened in 1998 and is located in the center of Sunway City. It was Malaysia’s very first overseas university….1. Monash University.

Programs -Foundation – Diploma – Undergraduate – Postgraduate
Intakes February, July, October

How can I study for free in Malaysia?

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