Is VW Touran the same as Caddy?

Is VW Touran the same as Caddy?

In contrast to the Caddy, the VW Touran on the ‘modular transverse matrix’ from VW, which the Golf also uses. This has a number of advantages over the Caddy. For example, a more comfortable and at the same time sportier chassis due to the independent wheel suspension used.

What are the different types of VW Caddy?

There are actually five different variants to choose from, depending on what you need your Caddy for.

  • Panel Van – the standard van.
  • Maxi Panel Van – a long-wheelbase version of the van.
  • Caddy Life – the people carrier.
  • Caddy Life Maxi – a seven-seat version of the people carrier.

Is VW discontinuing the Touran?

The days of the smaller, Golf-based Touran are also numbered. The model will remain available for the next year or two but will eventually be retired from the Wolfsburg-based brand’s range.

Will Touran doors fit a Caddy?

The Touran doors are a different shape to the caddy and therefore are not swappable.

Does Touran bumper fit Caddy?

Re: Which year touran bumper for facelift caddy? The headlights, grille, arches, bonnet and crash bar are all completely different, there are no body parts on a 5T Touran which will fit straight onto a Caddy4.

What car is VW Caddy based on?

Volkswagen Golf Mk1 Caddy
Released in 1979, the first Volkswagen Caddy, also known as Volkswagen Golf Mk1 Caddy is a coupe utility and van based on the Volkswagen Group A1 platform, shared with the small family car Volkswagen Golf Mk1.

Will a Golf caddy fit a bumper?

The bumper isn’t a direct fit mate. You’ll have to split both bumpers horizontally and weld top half of your caddy bumper to bottom half of your Golf one.

Can you put rear seats in VW Caddy?

Caddy seat conversion We fit VW Caddy vans with brand new Caddy OEM 60/40 split rear seats with ISOFIX fittings. Whether you need the seats for the school run, a weekend away or taking extra people with you on a job, with a Sirus Caddy van conversion you can comfortably transport 3 extra passengers.