Was Phoenix Coldon ever found?

Was Phoenix Coldon ever found?

Hours after she disappeared, her vehicle was discovered at 17:27 and impounded at 18:23, abandoned (initially reported to still be running, which was later proven inaccurate), 25 minutes from her home, on St. Clair Avenue of East St. Louis.

What happened to Phoenix colton?

Coldon’s Car Was Found Abandoned About 25 Minutes From Her House. Though Coldon’s parents didn’t realize she was missing for some time, her car was found abandoned in the middle of the street at the corner of 9th and St. Clair in St. Louis, just 25 minutes from her house.

Where did Phoenix Coldon go to college?

Her parents also believed Coldon was taking classes at the University of Missouri-St. Louis; but they later learned she had dropped her classes and was no longer enrolled there, CNN reported. “That timeframe of six months prior to her disappearance was a timeframe where she started to unravel,” Thomas said.

How old was Phoenix Coldon when she went missing?

When 23-year-old Phoenix Coldon disappeared from her Missouri home in 2011, her parents put their trust in law enforcement — but the authorities’ response prompted her parents to simply search themselves. Phoenix Coldon was last seen in the driveway of her family home in Spanish Lake, Missouri, on Dec. 18, 2011.

How many episodes of the disappearance of Phoenix Coldon are there?

Episodes (2) Phoenix Coldons’ parents are desperate for answers in the 2011 disappearance of their 23-year-old daughter. Joe and Shawndrea follow up on a handful of “Phoenix sightings,” since her disappearance and begin to question whether she’d been lured into a new life more dangerous than she could have anticipated.

Is Leila Cavett still missing?

The body of 21-year-old Leila Cavett not been found. A man arrested last summer in connection to the disappearance of a young mother in South Florida is now facing a second-degree murder charge, the Hollywood Police Department announced Tuesday.

Is Brandon Lawson alive?

Family Says The Remains Of A Man Who Called 911 Then Vanished In 2013 Have Been Found. Brandon Lawson’s 2013 disappearance from the side of a highway in rural Texas fascinated true crime sleuths after a 911 call circulated around the web. His likely remains have now been identified.

Where is Erika Lloyd?

Lloyd disappeared in June 2020 after taking a road trip to Joshua Tree National Park. Earlier this year, her remains were found by hikers in Wonder Valley, Calif. in San Bernardino County.

Was Leila Cavett ever found?

Has Bryce Laspisa been found 2021?

There was no trace of Laspisa, and too this day, none has been found. Here’s the whole story of one of the most tragic — and baffling — missing persons cases of recent years.

Was Brandon Lawson’s body ever found?

On Feb. 4, 2022, nearly a decade after Lawson went missing, clothing was found that was identified as Lawson’s. A further search led to the discovery of human remains near Lawson’s last known location, according to GoSanAngelo. “I think when they found the human remains, I feel it’s kind of it,” said Lofton.

Where was Brandon Swanson last seen?

Brandon Swanson was last seen in the early hours of May 14, 2008 leaving a friend’s house in Canby, Minn. His destination was just 35 miles away — a straight shot to his Marshall, Minn. home.

What happened to Phoenix Coldon?

When 23-year-old Phoenix Coldon disappeared from her Missouri home in 2011, her parents put their trust in law enforcement — but the authorities’ incompetent response prompted her parents to simply search themselves. Oxygen/YouTube Phoenix Coldon hasn’t been seen since Dec. 18, 2011.

Who is Lawrence Coldon’s daughter Phoenix Coldon?

Phoenix Coldon is the daughter of Goldia and Lawrence Coldon. Coldon was born in California as Phoenix Reeves and raised there until the family moved for her father’s job to Missouri, where she was adopted by Lawrence Coldon.

What was Phoenix Baker keeping from me?

“Looking back now, obviously she was keeping something from me that she really didn’t want me to know,” Baker continued. “And that’s the part that’s aggravating and frustrating to me. There’s this Phoenix that I know and this Phoenix that I don’t know.”