What are common problems with a LMM Duramax?

What are common problems with a LMM Duramax?

Other Duramax LLY problems included the following:

  • Head gasket failure.
  • Injector harness chafing.
  • Water pump failure.
  • EGR valve issues.
  • Glow plug failure.
  • Fuel pressure relief valve.
  • Lack of factory lift pump.

How many miles will a LMM Duramax last?

If you want to know how long a Duramax engine will run, you should expect it to last as much as 300,000 miles before needing any major repairs. But, of course, this number can vary depending on how well the engine was maintained and driven throughout its life.

Are LMM reliable?

LMM is mechanically same as LBZ, which is widely regarded as one of the best/most reliable built so far. Likely problems you would face would probably be electrical stuff or the emissions crap (DPF).

What year LMM Duramax is best?

LBZ: 2006 – 2007 It has the best potential for performance and horsepower additions through various Duramax parts mods and tuning. Built stronger and more durable than previous engines, the LBZ is reliable and powerful.

What’s better LMM or LBZ?

Over all there is little difference between the the LMM and LBZ. LMM has additional emission plus an air intake valve but other than that not a big difference. Stock mine does 18mpg on the highway I have seen a little over 21mpg with some of Nicks tuning. I seldom use that tuning though.

How can I make my LMM more reliable?

There are a number of things to do to get the most reliability out of these motors.

  1. Get a lift pump!
  2. Delete the EGR.
  3. Reroute the PCV.
  4. Flush and replace your tranny fluid with the Genuine Allison tranny fluid.
  5. No crazy numbers tunes.

What do I need to know about LMM Duramax?

The LMM Duramax refers to Chevrolet Silverado HD and GM Sierra HD trucks equipped with the 6.6L Duramax diesel engine between the years of 2007.5-2010. It was very similar to the LBZ, but it featured an all-new emissions device, a diesel particulate filter.

What are most reliable years of Duramax?

Should I Buy It? LLY/LBZ from 2006 to 2007 is considered one of the most reliable and rugged engines from the pre-emission’s era. They are widely sought out for because of this and can be a great buy if you are looking for a Duramax engine of this time.

Which is better LBZ or LMM?

LBZ is a little more roomy under the hood, the lmm is advertized at 660 torque at 1800 rpms vs the lbz at 650 BUT at 1600 rpms. The lbz will pull the hardest in stock form. Put an exhaust on the lbz and get rid of the dpf on the lmm and youl have pretty much identical performance.

What does Duramax LMM mean?

How do I know if my LMM is a Duramax?

The Duramax engine has evolved from the original LB7 series to include the LLY, LBZ, LMM, LML/LGH, and now the L5P series. The simplest way to verify which series Duramax you have is interpreting the VIN# of the truck. With some exceptions, the 8th digit is the engine ID and it will either be a 1, 2, D, 6, 8, L, or Y.

What is better LML or LMM?

LML is arguably a better engine but there are issues with DEF on all makes; Ford, Ram and GM. LMM emission controls have proved to be as reliable as any.

Does the LMM have a CP4?

The CP4 comes stock on the LML engines. All other models have a CP3, which so far has proven to be much more reliable. I dont think you can swap a CP4 into a LMM, LBZ, LLY, LB7, nor do i see why you would want to.

What is the difference between LMM and LML?

The LMM regens by injecting fuel into the engine during the exhaust stroke – the LML design uses the 9th injector to inject the regen fuel into the exhaust, downstream from the turbo, which eliminates any possibility of regen ‘fuel’ ending up in the engine oil.

Does LMM Duramax need a lift pump?

The GMC and Chevy Duramax pick-up trucks do NOT have a lift pump to supply fuel to the engine.

Does a LMM have a cp3?

Registered. on lbz or lmm stay stock cp3 until you build the motor.

What fuel pump does a LMM Duramax have?

CP3 Injection Pumps Duramax LMM.

What are the most common problems with the Duramax LMM?

5 Most Common LMM Duramax Engine Problems. 1 1. LMM DPF Failure. With the evolution of diesel emissions standards, the LMM added a diesel particulate filter or DPF. The DPF is part of the exhaust 2 2. Leaking Transmission Lines. 3 3. LMM Low Fuel Rail Pressure. 4 4. Piston & Crankshaft Failure. 5 5. Allison 1000 Power Limitations.

How reliable is the LMM engine?

Consistent to its very similar LBZ counterpart, the LMM is a highly reliable engine. The DPF is a hot-spot for failure so beware that you will probably end up with a few thousand dollars of DPF/emissions repairs, however you can *illegaly* remove this potential problem by removing the DPF system.

Are there any problems with the Duramax DPF system?

The DPF system is extremely complicated but all problems boil down to excessive regeneration or regeneration interruption. These problems can be prevented by ensuring you are driving your Duramax on the highway enough and being cautious of not interrupting the regeneration process while its taking place.

Is the Duramax engine reliable?

Piston & Crankshaft Failure While the Duramax block used in the LMM is a highly capable and reliable engine, it does suffer some limitations. If you are driving a stock LMM and have no intentions of modifying it, then you can ignore this issue. I’ve never heard of the pistons cracking or the crankshaft snapping on stock engines.