What are geek chic glasses?

What are geek chic glasses?

Geek chic doesn’t mean unfashionable frames with coke-bottle lenses. You can get this look with chunky, retro styles like square and browline. Nerd glasses really capture this aesthetic with solid colors like black or old-school patterns like tortoise.

What is the current trend in women’s glasses?

Geometric Cat-Eye glasses are a big trend this year; they accentuate your personality and highlight the shape of your face. If you have a square-shaped look, a geometric cat-eye frame will add angles to your face, which can be very flattering.

How do I look in glasses with chic?

How to look pretty in glasses

  1. Keep your brows well-groomed.
  2. Use concealer Glasses tend to highlight dark circles, wrinkles or imperfections under your eyes.
  3. Use the right eye shadow.
  4. Apply eye liner.
  5. Use a bold lip colour.

What are hipster glasses?

What are hipster glasses? Hipster glasses aren’t usually on the safe side of fashion. They are the kind of glasses that make you stand out. They feature unique designs and shapes, , unlike the ones you usually see at your local eyewear store. Hipster glasses are progressive in an unconventional way.

When did glasses become cool?

With lens technology and accurate prescriptions becoming ever more affordable during the 1800s, the 1900s saw a trend toward making glasses fashionable and stylish. Frames with different shapes, materials, and colors became available for those who wanted glasses to match their face shape, eye color, or outfit.

What color glasses make you look younger?

If you’re looking for another way to go bold with glasses, blue frames will offer a younger appearance while making blue eyes pop. They also can offer the effect of makeup to emphasize and highlight the eyes. Always consider what looks best with your skin tone if you’re opting for colored frames.

Should eyebrows be above glasses?

But first, a few basic guidelines: The top of your glasses frame should follow the line of your eyebrows. Avoid having too much eyebrow above or below the frames. Sunglasses, however, should always cover your eyebrows.

What shape glasses look best on a round face?

Square Eyeglasses – the Ideal Frame for Round Faces Rectangular & square shaped glasses are your best match. Styles like the Wayfarer are flattering. Frames that are wider than the face add more of a balance to your soft features, enhance your face and even make it appear longer and slimmer.

Can glasses be fashionable?

A recent survey from the Vision Council of America found more than 19 percent of U.S. adults have worn eyeglasses without a prescription, just to be fashionable. Many people think wearing glasses, regardless of their need for vision correction, make them look more studious, mature or trendy.

Can I wear glasses for fashion?

While some staunch anti-fashion advocates may balk at the idea of wearing eyeglasses as an accessory, it is no different from wearing earrings or shoes. As long as they make you feel good about yourself, there is no need to distinguish whether you wear glasses out of necessity or fashion.

What are the eyeglass trends for 2021?

5 Top Spring Prescription Eyeglass Trends for 2021

  • Retro Round & Aviator Style Frames.
  • Transparent & Frosted Clear Frames.
  • Large Bold Cat-Eye Frames.
  • Classic Horn-Rimmed & Tortoise Shell Frames.