What are my chances of getting into Sciences Po?

What are my chances of getting into Sciences Po?

Nonetheless, Sciences Po maintains a rate of admission that fulfils the institution’s wish to preserve the selectivity of entry, with an overall acceptance rate of 18% (17% in 2018, 19% in 2017). In 2019, 46% of admitted students to the undergraduate college applied through the international procedure.

What can I study at Sciences Po?

Sciences Po School of International Affairs :

  • Master in International Security.
  • Master in International Governance and Diplomacy.
  • Master in International Economic Policy.
  • Master in International Development.
  • Master in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action.
  • Master in Environmental Policy.
  • Master in International Energy.

Does Sciences Po teach in English?

Sciences Po hosts 13,000 students -half are international, coming from 150 countries. In order to recruit the best students from all around the world, Sciences Po offers programmes fully taught in English at the undergraduate and graduate levels. No need to speak French to enrol in these programmes!

Is Science Po good for international relations?

Currently, Sciences Po ranks 4th university in the world in the “Politics and International Studies” category of the QS World University Rankings. It also ranks at 34th for economics research worldwide. The prestige of a Sciences Po degree in French-speaking countries is incredibly high.

What is my GPA UK?

Converting British grades into GPA The GPA is calculated using your grades and the number of credits of each course you take. A rough conversion of British grades to GPAs looks like this: +70% = 4.0. 60-69% = 3.3-3.9.

Where do Sciences Po students live?

The Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris (CIUP) is unique in Paris. It offers the most student housing in the region, accommodating more than 5,800 young people. The CIUP is located in the 14th arrondissement, less than 30 minutes from Sciences Po.

What is the Master in corporate and Public Management?

The Master in Corporate and Public Management is a dual degree programme offered in French by HEC Grande École and Sciences Po. This programme provides students with a unique set of private and public management tools in an international perspective.

What is the final semester like at Sciences Po?

The final semester includes a compulsory internship (14 consecutive weeks minimum, in France or abroad) and the Grand Oral, Sciences Po’s final individual oral examination. A gap year consisting of professional internships in France or abroad between Master 1 and Master 2 is encouraged to fine-tune your career goals and boost your employability.

What is the management management internationalisation programme?

This programme provides students with a unique set of private and public management tools in an international perspective. It prepares students for management positions both in private companies and in public authorities at national, European and international levels.

Why study the Master in international management and sustainability?

The Master in International Management and Sustainability provides you with top-notch training in Strategy and International Management for a world where sustainability challenges have become a core and not simply a side issue for business.