What are popular Serbian dishes?

What are popular Serbian dishes?

Serbian Food: Top 12 Must-Try Serbian Dishes

  • Sarma. Sarma is possibly one of the best and definitely favourite dish of every Serb.
  • Ćevapi. Another interesting meal you should definitely try in Serbia is Ćevapi.
  • Burek.
  • Karađorđeva šnicla.
  • Prebranac.
  • Gibanica.
  • Punjena Paprika.
  • Čvarci.

What is Serbia known for?

Serbia is famous for its capital city, Belgrade, and its national brandy, rakija. Serbia is also known for its nightlife, palaces, fortresses, and tennis player Novak Djokovic. On top of that, there’s much to love about its locals. Serbians are a lively and laid-back bunch.

What do they drink in Serbia?

Rakija is considered to be the national drink of the vast majority of Balkan nations, with Serbia being the number one connoisseur of this heavenly drink. While it’s somewhat notorious for its relatively high alcohol content, a shot of Rakija in the morning has been a part of the Serbian culture for centuries.

What is your name in Serbia?

So, it would be best if you did not ask others “Kako se zoveš” (What’s your name?) since that is not a way of talking among adult people. A question: “A kako se ti zoveš?” we ask children. In rare situations, someone will ask you: “Kako je vaše ime?” (What’s your name?) or “Vaše ime…?” (Your name…?)

Is alcohol illegal in Serbia?

The Serbian parliament has banned alcohol after media reports of excessive drinking, a top official said Friday. “The ban applies to every one without exception, from bringing in alcohol, to serving or consuming it,” Veljko Odalovic, the parliament’s secretary general, told the Tanjug news agency.

Who controls Serbia?

Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) won in the 2014 election and the leader of SNS Aleksandar Vučić became prime minister. Three years later he moved to the presidency. Ana Brnabic has been prime minister since 2017, but president Vučić has kept a firm hold on executive power.