What are the best topics for a school magazine?

What are the best topics for a school magazine?

Ask your classmates to write opinion articles, letters to the editor, and editorials, some examples: School rules….

  • How do you make friends?
  • How do you work well together? ( Teamwork)
  • How can you overcome fear?
  • How can you get rid of bad habits?
  • How can you deal with peer pressure?
  • What can you do against bullying?

Is there still a teen magazine?

There are no longer any corporate teen magazines in print, aside from Seventeen special issues.

How do you write a magazine article?

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  1. Step 1: Choose a magazine.
  2. Step 2: Get to know your audience.
  3. Step 4: Choose an angle.
  4. Step 5: Write a query letter.
  5. Step 6: Know the job.
  6. Step 7: Research the topic.
  7. Step 9: Create an outline.
  8. Step 10: Write!

What are some good magazine topics?

Top 10 Topics to Pitch to Teenage Magazines

  • Hot Topic #1: Celebrities. Teens go crazy over celebrities.
  • Hot Topic #2: Latest Teen Styles.
  • Hot Topic #3: Music.
  • Hot Topic #4: Reviews.
  • Hot Topic #5: Top Ten Lists.
  • Hot Topic #6: Makeovers.
  • Hot Topic #7: Love Life.
  • Hot Topic #8: Beauty.

What should a teen magazine include?

Teen magazines are magazines aimed at teenage readers. They usually consist of gossip, news, fashion tips and interviews and may include posters, stickers, small samples of cosmetics or other products and inserts. The teen magazine industry is overwhelmingly female-oriented.

What kind of magazine do teenager like to read?

Teenagers like to read sports and fashion magazines.

How do you start a good magazine article?

Here are some writing tips to help you break into the world of magazine writing.

  1. Target your pitches carefully.
  2. Become a specialist.
  3. Do more research than you think you need.
  4. Consider the magazine’s target audience.
  5. Keep track of personnel changes among magazines.
  6. Be flexible.

What should I write my article about?

16 Evergreen Topics to Write About (When You Think You’ve Run Out of Good Ideas)

  • Draw lessons from personal experience.
  • Inspire readers to take action.
  • Write a how-to guide.
  • Provide a list of useful tips for doing something better.
  • Give your perspective on a trending topic or breaking news.

What are the best topics for magazine?

What are some good article topics?

50 Title Ideas When You’re Writing Articles/Blogs

  • Why I Blog.
  • My Love Affair With…
  • Interview with (someone who’s no longer living – you make up the answers you think they’d give)
  • A Charity You Should Know About.
  • If I Ran the World.
  • 5 Books You Need to Read.
  • The One Thing I Do Every Day.
  • If Keyboards Could Talk.

What is a good magazine for a 14 year old girl?

11 Popular Magazine Subscriptions for Teens

  • Girls’ Life Magazine. Make your teen girl happy with a subscription to Girls’ Life Magazine!
  • J-14. J-14 Magazine stands for “Just for Teens,” and it is true to its name!
  • Girls’ World.
  • Muse.
  • Sports Illustrated Kids.
  • Owl.
  • Young Rider.
  • National Geographic Kids.

What should I write in a magazine?

Which topic is best for an article?

Essays Topics About Yourself

  • My Family.
  • My Best Friend.
  • My Hobby.
  • My Mother.
  • My Father.
  • My Favourite Teacher.
  • My Aim In Life.
  • My Favourite Game – Badminton.

What are good topics for an article?

Article Writing Topics

  • Article on Advertisement as a Source of Information.
  • Article on Avoid Junk Food and Adhere to Healthy Diet.
  • Article on Awareness of Driving and Road Safety Rules for School Students.
  • Article on Ban on Tobacco.
  • Article on Beautiful Mind, Better than a Fair Complexion.
  • Article on Beggars – A Nuisance.

What can you do with your teen magazine?

You can review anything that’s related to teen life, from movies to songs, TV shows, apparel brands, and even celebrities. To appeal to teens, you can call these “awards.” J-14 magazine always comes up with “Teen Icon Awards” while Seventeen magazine has its own Top 10 List called “Besties.”

What are the top 10 topics to pitch to teen magazines?

Top 10 Topics to Pitch to Teenage Magazines. 1 Hot Topic #1: Celebrities. Teens go crazy over celebrities. It’s been proven since the time of Frank Sinatra and The Beatles, so anything about their 2 Hot Topic #2: Latest Teen Styles. 3 Hot Topic #3: Music. 4 Hot Topic #4: Reviews. 5 Hot Topic #5: Top Ten Lists.

What happened to teen magazines?

Teen magazines peaked their success in the late 1990s as new titles joined the competition, all vying for the attention of teenagers. In the last several years teen magazines have dramatically declined due to the Internet and new technologies.

Why do teenage girls read magazines?

In a national survey, teenage girls in grades 7-12 acknowledged that they count on magazines as a source for expression, style trends, and beauty tips ( source: Teenage Research Unlimited). Likewise, about 50% of girls, ages 12 to 15, rely on magazines for the newest trends as much as their closest friends.