What are the contents of a hospital formulary?

What are the contents of a hospital formulary?

In its simplest form, the formulary is a list of medications available for use at a hospital or health-system. This list includes the dosage forms, strengths and package sizes of each of the medications on it. Diligent management of this list has both patient care and financial implications.

What is a ven list?

PREFACE. The Vital, Essential and Necessary List of drugs, medical sundries and raw materials is Jamaica’s Essential drug list.

What information is included in a formulary?

A list of prescription drugs covered by a prescription drug plan or another insurance plan offering prescription drug benefits. Also called a drug list.

What are the parts of formulary?

In accordance with these objectives, the formulary- should consist of three main parts: Part One—Information on hospital policies and’procedures concerning drugs. Part Two—Drug products listing and Part Three—Special information. A more detailed look at each section follows.

What are examples of essential drugs?


  • 1 Anaesthetics, preoperative medicines and medical gases.
  • 2 Medicines for pain and palliative care.
  • 3 Antiallergics and medicines used in anaphylaxis.
  • 4 Antidotes and other substances used in poisonings.
  • 5 Anticonvulsants/antiepileptics.
  • 6 Anti-infective medicines.
  • 7 Antimigraine medicines.

How many essential drugs are listed in PHC treatment level?

Each PHC center should have all of the above and the remaining 53 drugs which include antibiotics, bronchodialators, eye drops, injections, vaccines (e.g., DPT and BCG), ointments, antileprosy drugs, and snake venom.

What drugs are not covered by Part D?

Medicare does not cover:

  • Drugs used to treat anorexia, weight loss, or weight gain.
  • Fertility drugs.
  • Drugs used for cosmetic purposes or hair growth.
  • Drugs that are only for the relief of cold or cough symptoms.
  • Drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction.

What is the number 1 most prescribed drug?

The Top 300 Drugs of 2019

Rank Drug Name Total Prescriptions (2019)
1 Atorvastatin 112,104,359
2 Levothyroxine 102,595,103
3 Lisinopril 91,862,708
4 Metformin 85,739,443

What is the Kingston formulary website?

The Kingston Formulary website has been developed to support effective prescribing within Kingston.

What are the Kingston Hospital consent forms for?

The Kingston Hospital consent forms also help to guide you in this process. Problems with colleagues. See GMC Good medical practice, The New Doctor, the early years, maintaining good medical practice Patients who lack capacity –See Mental Capacity Act 2005 (MCA). End of life decisions.

What are the Kingston hospital guidelines?

The Kingston Hospital guidelines follow a similar format with articles written by specialists, edited to ensure clarity, approved by colleagues, and designed to advise junior staff what to do when confronted with some of the more common medical emergencies.

When is a non-formulary medicine not available in Kingston Hospital?

When patient is admitted to Kingston Hospital on a non-formulary medicine and the patient’s own supply is not available or deemed unsuitable; Specialist therapy for an individual patient agreed by a Kingston Hospital Senior Pharmacy Manager after discussion with the Consultant (unless a PbR exclusion drug).