What are the controls in PES?

What are the controls in PES?


Action PS4 (Standard) Xbox One (Alternate)
Through ball Y
Special controls R2 RB
Manual controls L2 LT
Super cancel (cancel action) R1 + R2 RB + RT

How do you use PES controls?

= Left Stick, = Right Stick. = Directions on either Analog Stick or Directional Buttons. All controls using the can be substituted with Directional Buttons (In Edit Personal Data)….Controls when out of possession.


How do you pass and move on PES console?


  1. Press just as the player is about to pass the ball if you want him to start a run as soon as he gets rid of the ball.
  2. Hold as you play a low pass.
  3. Press , then push towards a player of your choice.
  4. Hold , then push then release .

How to trap the ball in pes?

You can either press to move the cursor onto a player who is close to the ball, or push the towards the direction of the player you wish to take control of….OTHER CONTROLS.

Trap Feint Release and hold as you trap the ball.

How do you do free kicks on ps3?

FREE KICK TAKER Press the button at the exact moment you shoot for a chance to hit a knuckle shot or dipping shot. Players with the “Knuckle Shot” and “Dipping Shot” skills have an enhanced ability to execute this shot.

How do you drop the ball in PES?

After a save, you can drop the ball by double-tapping R1 to surprise your opponent with a quick counter-attack. This is a great solution when you see someone unmarked in the radar – just make sure you won’t lose the ball as soon as you drop it!

How do you control goalkeeper in PES?

Controls while holding the ball

  1. DROP KICK / THROW. Push in the desired direction when kicking or throwing the ball.
  2. RUNNING / DASH. Run while holding the ball. Press to sprint.
  3. OTHER CONTROLS. When passing the ball, press just before the keeper kicks or throws the ball to fake a pass.

How do you knock in PES?

KNOCK-ON. As you stop dribbling, hold and aim in the direction you want to nudge the ball in front of you. Follow up this move with a shot or pass, and it will have more power and accuracy.

What is controlled shot in PES?

CONTROLLED SHOT Holding when shooting allows you to take a shot which sacrifices power for added accuracy. Use it if you are shooting inside a crowded 18 yard box or if you really have to hit the corners. Controlled shots give you more accuracy at the expense of power.