What are the short forms used in Facebook?

What are the short forms used in Facebook?

JK – Just kidding. Used for conveying a light-hearted tone.

  • LMAO – Laughing my a** off.
  • LMK – Let me know.
  • LMS – Like my status. Used for inviting people to engage with a post.
  • LOL – Laughing out loud.
  • MCM – Man crush Monday. Chipotle put its own twist to this abbreviation to fit the product:
  • What does FF mean in FB?

    In an email, FF is used to mean friends forever when sending a friendly email to your bosom friend. It’s an internet slang you both use to communicate. On Facebook, people use FF to mean “Flashback Friday”, follow Friday just like in the Twitter case, or friends forever.

    What FF means?

    Acronym Definition
    FF Friends and Family
    FF Fan Fiction
    FF Fantasy Football
    FF Surrender (Internet slang)

    What is TG in chat?

    TG means “Thank God!”. The abbreviation TG most commonly used to say “Thank God!”, Which is an exclamation to express relief that a difficult situation has been resolved with a positive outcome rather than a negative one. It demonstrates giving thanks for good fortune rather than having any religious connotation.

    What FR mean in text?

    for real
    FR stands for “for real.” It’s an internet initialism that you can use in direct messages to emphasize your point, agree with someone else’s point, or react to something unbelievable. It also has a common derivative acronym, FRFR or “for real, for real,” a more intense and serious version of FR.

    What is HMU on TG?

    HMU stands for Hit Me Up.

    What does FNAF stand for?


    Acronym Definition
    FNAF Five Nights at Freddy’s
    FNAF Fédération Nationale des Assistants Familiaux (French: National Federation of Family Assistants)
    FNAF Fédération Nationale des Aphasiques de France

    What does BA mean in slang?

    acronym of “bad-ass.” He is a B.A.

    What does HML mean in slang?

    hit my line
    HML is an internet acronym short for hate my life or hit my line.

    What does OTG mean in text?

    OTG means “On the Go.”

    What are the most commonly used shortforms/abbreviations on Facebook?

    44 most commonly used shortforms/abbreviations while chatting on Facebook. 1 ASAP: As Soon As Possible. 2 ASL: Age/ Sex/ Location. 3 B4: Before. 4 B4U: Before You. 5 BRB: Be Right Back. 6 BTW: By The Way. 7 B/W: Between. 8 Cuz: Because (most commonly used on FacebooKnol as well ) 9 FYI: For Your Info. 10 FB: Facebook.

    What are the most common Facebook slang words?

    So, here is the list of Facebook Slang Words with their meaning: 1 WFM – Works for Me 2 ASAP – As Soon As Possible 3 ASAIC – As Soon As I Can 4 LOL – Laugh Out Loud 5 ASL – Tell me your Age, Sex, and Location 6 TU – Thank You 7 GM – Good Morning 8 GE – Good Evening 9 GN – Good Night 10 JFY – Just For You

    What are some good ASL words to use on Facebook?

    1 ASAP: As Soon As Possible 2 ASL: Age/ Sex/ Location 3 B4: Before 4 B4U: Before You 5 BRB: Be Right Back 6 BTW: By The Way 7 B/W: Between 8 Cuz: Because (most commonly used on FacebooKnol as well ) 9 FYI: For Your Info 10 FB: Facebook

    Why do we have a list of abbreviations or slang words?

    We have less time for things now a days so we have a List of Abbreviations or Slang Words, We Use in day to day Life –