What clothes does Nathan Drake wear?

What clothes does Nathan Drake wear?

Nate wears a white henley shirt (Polo shirt without a collar) and beige cargo trousers instead of his standard jeans. Nate also wears a middle eastern desert scarf AKA Shemagh. Henley shirts can be found in several retailers, but if for some reason you can’t find one, a regular white shirt will do.

How do you cosplay Nathan Drake?

Now here’s what you need for your costume:

  1. Black and grey shemagh.
  2. Long sleeve light/beige colored shirt.
  3. Brown cargo pants.
  4. Desert combat boots.
  5. Nathan Drake’s necklace ring.
  6. Brown leather shoulder holster.
  7. Diver watch.
  8. Brown leather wrist watch band.

What type of pants does Nathan Drake wear?

Pants. The pants that Tom Holland wears in Uncharted for his role as Nathan Drake are beige cargo pants with inclined pockets and a zipper. They are the G-Star Roxic Cargo Pants.

How old is Nathan Drake in the third game?

If we keep in mind that characters age with each game’s release, this means that Nathan was 33 in Uncharted 2 (2009), 35 in Uncharted 3 (2011), and 40 years old in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End (2016).

What watch is Tom Holland wearing in Uncharted?

Tom Holland wears a Fossil Coachman Chronograph CH2565 watch in the movie Uncharted (2022). The Fossil watch is from the Coachman collection, and has a 45mm silver colored case and dial with three brown subdials. Very prominent is also the brown leather wriststrap, making this a ‘cuff watch’ as it’s often referred to.

When was Uncharted released?

February 18, 2022 (USA)Uncharted / Release date

How do you tie a scarf like Nathan Drake?

A neck scarf. Honestly, just about any plain and dark scarf would suffice for your outfit, but Drake would often wear a light textured, dark grey scarf. Opt for a light fabric, and not knit, as it will make your neck very hot if you don’t go for a thinner fabric.

What does Magna Sic Parvis mean?

Sir Francis Drake with his new heraldic achievement, with motto: Sic Parvis Magna, translated literally: “Thus great things from small things (come)”.