What did Chel do to Tulio?

What did Chel do to Tulio?

The Deal. After overhearing Miguel and Tulio celebrating too early over their scam, Chel quickly strikes a deal with the two: She will use her local knowledge to help make the scam work in exchange for leaving El Dorado with them. Tulio and Chel later argue over what her cut of the treasure should be.

Where is El Dorado Road?

Seville, Spain
The movie begins in the 16th-century Seville, Spain, and tells about two men named Tulio and Miguel. During a dice game using loaded dice, they win a map that supposedly shows the location of El Dorado, the legendary city of gold in the New World.

Is tzekel Kan a God?

While a humble servant of the gods, Tzekel-Kan is otherwise very power-hungry, sadistic and bloodthirsty. He is also scheming and manipulative, and even psychotic. In his spare time, he plays with spiders. He is also very charismatic and dignified in manner.

What is Chel Hockey?

Hockey slang. Cheddar, Cheese, Top Cheddar, etc. The very top of the goal net; or a shot that goes in the goal right below the crossbar, or grazing the crossbar on its way into the goal. Hockey slang. Chel.

What is in the barrels that Tulio and Miguel jump into?

Miguel and Tulio were able to escape from the angry sailors by pretending to fight with one another. In order to escape from an angry bull and the Spanish soldiers chasing them, the two con men jumped from a roof into two barrels of water. From Quiz: The Lost City of Gold.

Is The Road to El Dorado a true story?

At its heart is a true story of a rite of passage ceremony carried out by the Muisca peoples who have lived in Central Colombia from AD800 to the modern day.

How old is tzekel?

He appears to be at least in his mid-forties, if not older. He was strong, medium sized muscular can be seen on his body.

What kind of horse is altivo?

White Stallion
Altivo’s breed is a White Stallion.

What does ripping Chel mean?

Cause we will rip Chel” Chiclets. Teeth, in the context of hockey fights that result in lost teeth. From the brand of chewing gum, which is white and rectangular, somewhat resembling human teeth. e.g. “If you think you’re walking out of here with all your chiclets you’re stupid.”

What does the name Chel mean?

chel. Gender-Neutral Names. Origin:British. Meaning:chalk landing place.

Is The Road to El Dorado based on a true story?

Is tzekel Kan a god?

What does Chel take from the pile of gold?

23 What jewelry does Chel take from the pile of gold? Chel digs through Tulio and Miguel’s tribute and takes some gold earrings for herself.